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Sign Fireman is a fire brand preacher whose major focus is on crusades that have seen the sick receive healings worldwide.
A brilliant and we’ll spoken man of God with the gift of the gab, Fireman has authored a book ‘The Final Move of God’ and has equally been busy questioning the teachings of other pastors that are not supported by the scripture or based on bible passages.  Read also what he has to say about the three wise men from the east.
Today, we bring you several of such queries as recorded by Deputy Editor, Charles Okogene, who was at a press conference he held recently. Happy reading.

Sign Fireman’s book

“Today, I am going more into the Trinity revelation. Yes, the trinity is scriptural because it is in the Bible and we see the personality of God the father, God the son, God the Holy ghost. We see the three personality clearly defined in the scripture but the word trinity is just an English word covering the revelation for hundreds of years, it remained very controversial even after the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. It has been a very controversial topic, so the present teachings on trinity in this generation are the teachings that came out of the argument of the teachings that happened for centuries; so, is it that somebody just came, sat down, verify things and brought it out? It is not like that what we actually have is tachings that came out of argument that took place hundreds of years ago. So when we sit down and look at the teachings that we see and we began to see that they do not align with the scripture.

Today, we are going to look at them but before we do that I am going to point out somethings. It is very important that we understand that a lot of the teachings today are not found in the bible. A lot of them are not found there. I will take a few that all of us are used to even from childhood; and nobody ever asked questions as to why these teachings are taught. Nobody has ever asked pastors saying ‘pastor you said this, could you please give a Bible passage/verse to support this your teachings.’ We believe that because everybody is saying the same thing, we conclude that it is true and nobody should challenge it but you do not know truth by how popular it is. For instance, our Lord’s prayer said, ” our father who art in heaven…” Jesus stated clearly where his father is. God the Father can’t leave in all believers’ heart because He cannot do it; it is not within His ability. He is not ominipresent; Holy ghost can do it because He is ominipresent. We all were taught that Adam and Eve are apples but that is not true; it is not in the bible. Genesis chapter three verse one said, ” and the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field that God made. And it said to the woman. Yeah! God said you shall not eat of every tree of the garden and the woman said into the serpent, ‘God said , we may eat of the fruits of the trees in the garden but of the tree in the middle of the garden, God has said we should not eat of it or touch I, least we die. The Bible never said Apple. It can’t be the apple fruit. It can’t be apple, why? We know that if you eat apple your eyes do not open. If you eat an apple you do not know evil or good. If apple makes people to know things, then when your child is going to an exam, you do not need to ask him/her to read, you simply buy them apple to eat and they go and pass the exam. There are a lot of misinterpretions, they say a shake swallowed Jonah. It is not in the bible, the Bible just said a fish swallowed Jonah. It did not say s whale. When we were talking last week, one of us made mention of three wise men from the east. It is not in the bible. Pastors talk of three wise men. A lot of things we hear as popular teachings are not in the Bible. We read about the wise men in Matthew chapter two verse one to 16. It says when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of herod the king; behold the wise man. The Bible never told us three; it just said wise men. They could have been 20, 50, 100 and so on but everybody kept saying three wise men and it became popular. For example, it is said that women are weaker vessels. When the pastor teaches he says women are weaker vessels. It is not in the scripture; it is not in the bible. We have women doing great things today. Women who do greater things than men do, some daughters are more useful than some sons. What the bible says in 1 Peter three v 7 is husbands threat the like and not that they are. For example, if you say he behaves like a lion does not mean he is a lion. He looks like an elephant does not mean he is an elephant. It is pet her. This same has happened to the Trinity. S lot of things that are been taught Is not in the bible. And when you ask the pastor to give you a singular scripture to support his teachings, he cannot. Instead, he begins to explain,,; explanation upon explanation. That is the challenge. Now let us get into the Trinity revelation prosper. We take one today and that is the one of ominipresent. It has been taught for ages that the three members of the trinity are ominipresent. It has been taught of God the father. God the son and God the Holy Spirit are ominipresent. If the three have the same attribute, then they do not need to come together because they are the same thing. I do not need to marry if I can do all things a wife Will do. Why will I go through the stress to get what I can do? That will be useless. Now when it comes to ominipresent. Now it’s taught that the father is ominipresent, that the son is ominipresent, that the holy spirit is ominipresent. But what is the truth of God’s word? The truth of God’s word is that one popular scripture used to teach about ominipresent is the book of psalms chapter 139 from verse 7 which says ‘wither shall I go from your spirit …” This is used to teach the ominipresent e of God that there is nowhere you can go that God is not there. But what we can see here is either shall I go from your spirit and not either shall I go from the father of the son of the holy ghost. This scripture shows us thsat the members of the trinity who is ominipresent us the holy ghost and not God the Father, God the son. There are simple things that show us that God the Father is not ominipresent. When Jesus was talking to his disciples. What did he tell them? He said pray like this, ” our Father which art everywhere….” Is that correct,? That is not correct. He said who is in heaven. He stated where the father is. There is no scripture that says the is everywhere. I will give you example. When you read Genesis chapter 11, the bible says the whole earth was one language, one spirit and it came to pass that men wanted to build a tower that gets to heaven, then the bible said the LORD came down to see so if God the father is everywhere, he do not need to come down to see; He came down because He was not down because He could not see it from where He is. He must have known about the plan but to see it He had to come down. The bible said that heaven is His throne, the earth she had given to sons of men. God the father is in heaven. When it comes to Jesus, one scripture that people use to teach that Jesus is everywhere is the scripture where he said,” Lo! I am with you always….’ He never said , ‘ I am with you everywhere…’ He never said that. For example, if I have a son and my son ask me, daddy, ,,’ I would like to do this… and I said, I’m with you always.” I am with you means I’m behind you, I’m supporting you in all that you do. So, what Jesus meant was that I will support you always, I will back you. When He was ascending to heaven, the bible said that He said, I will return. I will return means first, I will go before coming back. The the Bible tells us exactly where He has gone, where He is. The Bible says sit at my right hand until I make your enemies your foot stool. So, we know where He is. He is not everywhere and i

And if he is everywhere, then he is not seated at the right hand but seated everywhere the member of the trinity that is everywhere is the holy Ghost. And then somebody may ask me but it is said that on the pentecost day, the holy Ghost came down to planet earth, in order words, the holy ghost left heaven and came to planet earth. Does it now mean that He is not in heaven? No, that is not what it means. I will tell you what it means. The Bible tells in 1 Corinthians verse 11 that all these worketh that one and self same spirit. In order words the holy spirit is one but the bible says all these, all the manifestations of the holy spirit is that self same spirit which the Abule-Egba bible says is dividing severally to everyman as it wills. One thing about holy spirit is this, he’s one and he is what I call parent personality. That parent personality is one, the bible calls it one in 1 Corinthians 12 verse 11. Out of parent personality it can divided itself to every part of the universe as needed.

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