Sign Fireman and the final move of God (2)


Today as promised, we continue with our interview with Sign Fireman and his final move of God and the trinity order.

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Continued from Wednesday, January 14, 2021

Sign Fireman book

“The bible says ask and it shall be given but many believers can testify and confirm that many have asked and it never happened; in fact, majority of the things believers ask for are not answered. The bible says that God’s desire for believers is to be rich. That is what the bible says in 2Corentians 8v9 and so on and so forth. We can go on and on . The bible also says that the gospel shall be preached all over the world but christians/Christianity is really, really suffering the world over. So all these things became matters of concern to me. These promises are not working in the lives of the people. These promises are consistently failing people. So why is it like that? People ask and there is no answer. It is like 99.9 percent of things they ask from God, is never answered. The only reason people do not talk about it is because they are afraid of blasphemy. Some people will not say anything so they will say they are speaking against God, but if we can tell the truth,…. So I began to seek God and the seeking of God lasted for years. One day I was in my hotel room in America. It was on a Sunday morning as I was waiting for one of my workers to get ready so we can go to church. While I was sitting at the edge of the bed waiting for him, and casually facing the TV, Jesus appeared to me . Not a dream, not an imagination. I was not expecting that at all and He appeared to me right there in the hotel room and said , you have been seeking me for years for these answers; I have come to give you the answers. And the answers are what I want to present to the world; the visitation of that day lasted for several months. Not that  He appeared and lasted for all these months. During those months, I saw him multiple times and He said I came to teach you the reasons why this is so and this will bring about the great final answer. And this will bring about the great final answer. And believe me, in this short period, I applied the things He told me ,the result has been very,very explosive. Right now, I have withdrawn from pastoring to face crusades and reaching the world for Jesus Christ. That is what I do presently. I do something like Graham Bonnke was doing . Renting stadia around the world for my crusades where 10s of thousands have attended to the grace of God and to his glory. As for what Jesus told me, I will give you introduction today in this book I have written. I will share introduction in the book. I know that what I am about to share with you is extremely controversial and that something is controversial does not mean that it is not scriptural. Something can be controversial simply because it is unknown or uncommon but that does not mean that it is not scriptural. All what I will be discussing with you, I will give scriptural backing. What Jesus told me in a nutshell; He said to me in the bible, in the new testament, the bible said there were  major moves of God. The first one was the one that has to do with the first 1000 years. I cannot go indept, the second is the second 1000 years and the third, is the third 1000 years in the year 2001. Somebody asked me is that in the bible and I said yes, it is in the bible; the bible said in the book of Hosea, after three days will I revive you and then somebody asked is that in the bible and I said yes, it is in the bible, the bible said in the book of Hosea, after three days will I revive you and somebody asked but somebody said but that is three days and the bible says what looks like a thousand years is like a day. If you calculate the three days, it is like a thousand days and each year started from AD 1000 to AD1000 and second day AD 1001 to AD 2000 and the third day is AD2001 and the bible says in that same Hosea that in the third day and not from the beginning of the third day . Jesus said in the book of Luke , today and tomorrow I shall cast out devil and do choas and on the third day I shall be perfected. Do the third is for perfection of christianity. Jesus said these words to me. He said the singular reason for christians/christianity challenges what he called the trinity order.

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