Sign Fireman on The Final Move of God and why prayers to God are not answered


ByHis name is Sign Fireman; he is a man of God who is passionate about The Final Move of God; and has written a 400+ pages  book with same title. Recently he spoke to a select media men on the topic of the book and on why sometimes, people’s prayer to God are often not answered in spite of the fact that the Holy Book tells us ‘ask and it shall be given.”

Sign Fireman

Fireman who also said that he is no longer a pastoring but a crusade man of God also spoke on the equal status of God the father, God the son and God the Holy Ghost empasising that they are all equal in power but different in assignment.
He spoke at a conference on Monday January 10, 2021 at the Oriental Hotel, Lekki, Lagos State.

Newdawnngr’s Deputy Editor Charles Okogene was at the conference and brought me this report.

According to the man of God whose special anonting is in miracles, he became born again at age five, started preaching the gospel at seven until he was specially called on July 7 1994 at 8.37 to focus on crusades and abandon pastoring; and ever since he has been organising crusades all over the globe where miracles of the blind seeing, the dumb talk and so on have been happening.
“I was born again christian at age give, started preaching at seven, got into healing ministry when I was eight. On July 7, 1994 at exactly 8.37 was when God anointed me specially for healing; at that point fire burnt a side of my face and the scare lasted for two years and from that point we began to perform miracles where the blind see, the lame walk and the dumb began to talk, the deaf started to hear. Al kinds of miracles happened on our crusade ground round world. ”

But while all these happened, Fireman was not a happy man. He was challenged, troubled . Though, he was running a flourishing church that had grew from zero congregation to about 7000 congregants then, yet he was not happy that after each of the multiple services he was running that only a few came back to testify to the miracles God had performed in their lives.
“If we had a crusade attended by not less than 10,000 people, only 200 will come out to testify to the miracles they received. People rejoiced about the miracles, people rejoiced about the lives that were saved but the challenge I had was about the 9,800 people that did not come back, so that became a challenge to me. Then  I began to ask other ministers in other churches and ministries and they told me that similar things happen to them, especially those that have healing ministries. My challenge was, while we have many people to celebrate what about the larger number of people that went home to testify of the testimonies of other people that shared their testimony? What of their own? So that became a challenge to me. A lot of people were excited at what goes on in my ministry but I was challenged. That made me to seek God and I withdrew from pastoring. I withdrew to seek reasons why a greater number of people that attended church, conferences and rivals went home the way they came? I called my friends in America, Europe and Asia and they all confirmed that the same thing was happening in their churches. So, I saw that it was same kind of things happening in christianson.
” I began to interview a lot of pastors and discovered that many promises of God in the bible are not answered . So that became another concern to me.
‘ The bible says ask and you shall receive, knock it shall be opened, seek and you shall find among others.’ These promises are not working . All of us here can testify to how many times we have asked and it was not given,” he said.
To be continued on Sunday January 17, 2020

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18 thoughts on “Sign Fireman on The Final Move of God and why prayers to God are not answered

  1. Grace

    God have the answers to all questions of life. The wise thing to do is to seek God for answers to things like these and that is what this great man of God, Sign Fireman has done. God bless you so much. I’m waiting to hear answers to this question.

  2. Promys

    Finally! The truth the body of Christ needs. Wow. I can’t wait to know more about this shocking revelation. More blessings to the man of God, Dr Sign Fireman. I am loving this!

  3. Promys

    The Final Move of God is taking Christianity to a greater height. Thanks Dr sign fireman for the manifestation of this Move of God!

  4. Emeka David

    Thanks to God almighty for this wonderful revelation through His son Dr. Sign Fireman. I am anxious to hear and known this aged long mystery which has been kept away from us.

  5. Judy

    This is going to mind blowing and life changing. I’m eager to read how I can get answers to all my lingering questions of life.

    1. Judy

      This promises to be mind blowing, and life changing. I’m so eager to read, and more importantly, apply the revelation from the teaching to get answers to all my long standing issues.

  6. Chibu

    This is definitely a great mystery that has been unraveled. Years of unanswered prayers will finally be addressed. I can’t wait to read the rest.

  7. Precious

    A revelation that will shake Christianity
    A big thank you to the man of God Dr Sign Fireman for coming out with this.

  8. Prosper

    The body of Christ today needs to unlearn the thing that don’t work and learn the things that work so we can enjoy God’s promises.


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