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Journalism is a social service vocation which contributes immensely to the growth of society in all ramifications.
But then,this comes at a big cost in terms of commitment,men and material resources which could only be attained by financial resources. being a news medium dedicated to advocate and promote Good Governance and Development needs monetary resources to get readers informed and educated. It also helps us to uphold the ethics of the profession.
As an online newspaper read by business,social and political elite, we intend to broaden our reportorial scope in Aviation,Agriculture,SMEs,Banking,Environment and pursue vigorously a campaign for deliberate and focused Infrastructural developments.
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One of the ways to sustain us is by advertising your goods and services with us and be assured that you or your organisation will benefit immensely from our teeming readership.
Another avenue of support for sustaining us is through cash donations which will help us to provide factual and up to date reports and information on a daily basis.
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