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Amosun’s parting gift tear aides apart

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Tongues are now wagging among sides of Governor Ibikunle Amosun over parting gifts which were allegedly not for the aides
New Dawn learnt while some of the aides have been given tidy sums running into millions, others have not received a dime
Some were also said to have received brand new cars for their loyalty to Governor Amosun over the years.
However, those who have not benefitted are lamenting that the same people who enjoyed “government largesse” were again those who got the gifts
One of them told New Dawn that although he came at the beginning of the second term he has received no benefit from the government
“When I joined I was told I would soon get an official car but till date I have none.
“It took almost a year for them to get me accommodation, but till date I have no car despite so many reminders. Some got cars during the first term and yet got another during the second term
“Some of them have again been given large doses of money and I and some others have nothing”
Another of the aides said he was sure the Governor would take care of them before he eventually leaves office.
“I am sure everybody will be ‘settled’ after President Muhammadu Buhari expected visit on Saturday with which the Governor is preoccupied with for now”

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