Impeachment: Adedayo denies admitting any wrong doing



Says Councillors were brought in from Abeokuta to try him

Former Chairman of the Ijebu East local Government in Ogun State, Honourable Wale Adedayo has denied admitting any wrong doing as claimed by the councillors who reportedly impeached him on Thursday.

In response to his removal from office on his Facebook page, he said that the four councillors were deliberately given the wrong time for the seating in order to achieve “the purpose as dictated by their sponsors.”

He also wondered why his press crew was not allowed to record the seating adding that the ploy was to deny the public to know the truth.

Adedayo praised the courage of people of Ijebu Ode and Yewa North local Government who have been asking questions from the state on the state of allocations due to them from the Federation account which is the subject of his travails.
Full statement below:

Hon. Akin Faseyi,
I knew you were up to some mischief when you disallowed our media crew from recording the proceedings of the House in the morning. But you’ll be surprised to know that despite the video not being available, we were still able to do an audio recording.

Why do you have to lie so brazenly that I admitted wrongdoing? The fabrications which you presented to the public as what I said is an affront to my Eleda. All the documents you requested for are within your reach in the office. So, what happened to the Committee that was supposed to look into the so-called petitions?

Two things I told you in the morning and your responses were not even reflected:

1. You are on errand from Abeokuta to throw spanners into the wheel of my challenge to Mr. Governor about our monthly Federal Allocation. Despite your denial of same, I put it to you that you and your six colleagues were brought to Ogbere from Abeokuta in a Toyota Civilian Coaster bus escorted by Policemen from the Government House pool. You were perfidious to the extent that you did not inform your four remaining colleagues that the sitting would hold by 8am. Thank God for His mercies. We knew about that since yesterday and we knew an impeachment assignment had been given.

2. After being told our matter is now in court, you initially said the Council has not been served. But thank God for a dutiful Clerk of the House, who countered to confirm you were served yesterday. But, sadly, you still insisted NO court can stop your work “because the Legislature is superior to the Judiciary.” Hope you’ll repeat that in court on 22 September?

3. Lest I forget, spendings in the Council can never be done unilaterally by me. We did not run a dictatorship. My approval limit is N250,000. Anything above that goes to the F&GPC for approval. I told you all these. And, my advice to you was taken from an American dictum, “follow the money.” Once you follow the financial trail through documents that are readily available in the Council, if any malfeasance was done you’ll know who did it and when.

You are just being used to sidestep the Federal Allocation issue. The money will not go into my personal account. It will not only help us in Ijebu East Local Government, it will help all others throughout Ogun State. Thank God for the people of Yewa North and Ijebu Ode Locàl Governments, who are willing to ask questions. Questions are being asked by the people. I am sure you guys are afraid of questions from your constituents, which is the reason you are being kept in Abeokuta and anytime you come home you come with heavily armed policemen.

But, no kain, my belief is that we are all writing our political history. It will be tabled in the fullness of time.

Adedayo’s impeachment it will be recalled was announced in a statement issued by the Leader of the House, Hon. Fasheyi Akindele.
The crisis between Hon Adedayo and the state governor came into the open last week when a letter written to a former governor and leader of the All Progressives Congress ,APC in the state,Chief Segun Osoba with copies to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission,EFCC, accusing Governor Dapo Abiodun of diverting funds meant for local government to other uses since year 2001 was leaked to the public.

This has generated controversy with the council of local government chairmen in the state apologising to the governor in obvious denial of such deductions.

He was subsequently suspended last week by the councillors in his local government after which he was interrogated by the DSS.

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