State of Ijoko -Agbado-Akute road after the week-long rainfall



It is an understatement to say that residents and commuters along the Ijoko-Agbado-Akute road are undergoing unprecedented level of stress commuting along this stretch of 32 kilometre road.
Since Monday September 19,when heavens opened up, hundreds of thousands living and playing this road have had to do with spending hours getting either out of their far flung residents tucked along or within the axis or while returning home.

Ijoko road1 

Ijoko road2

Dapo Abiodun see Agbado, Lambe-Ijoko road you promised to complete

Scenes of abandoned vehicles,cars are not only a common feature but has become part of daily living with only promises far from being fulfilled by government.

Though Craneburg Construction Company had a presence at the tip end of Ijoko not much is being done in way of palliative along the six phases in which the project has been divided for reconstruction.

The hardships may remain since government and construction companies claimed being harmstrong by the rains.

Traffic gridlock at Giwa Junction and the almost collapsed Hercules bus stop,which is the only link road between Agbado ,Oke Aro,Matogbun,Lambe is a permanent feature and nightmare for road users all day .
Only Heaven can help millions of residents who commute along and within the most neglected and populous border community in Nigeria.

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