IPOB, others now the new authorities as the country remains deeply fragmented



By Adewale Adeoye

IPOB has become an organisation the Federal Government and State Governors talk about almost daily, either they like it or not.IPOB has imposed itself as a major issue.

Boko Haram is now so powerful that many Senators cannot visit their hometowns forcing the Govt to now invest over $500m in purchase of Tucano to fight Boko Haram. The FG has spent an equal amount to fight Boko Haram since 2009. Imagine what that $500m could do to education, roads and healthcare

But when Boko Haram leader, Mohammed Yusuf started, he was dismissed as a little fly. They even murdered him without trial. He was shot in a police barracks.

When IPOB started, they were dismissed as insignificant. They said the litle boys would soon be pushed into the trashin. But now, State Governors cannot sleep because of IPOB. Millions of people take orders from IPOB to stay at home and they obey while disregarding orders of people who claim to have legitimacy.

The Lawmakers in the National Assembly do not seem to care enough. If they care, each Senator won’t be pocketing 13m every month and House of Rep 9m every month. This is not to talk of the 200m constituency allowance for each Senator and 100m for each House of Rep. With this individual wealth, the State is no more Law. Individuals are now the State, loyalty is now better to rich individuals than the state since the function of providing economic safety by the state has been conferred on individuals.

No wonder the State is losing its legitimacy fast.

We are building tiny gods and State institutions are increasingly subservient to individuals.

They would have reduced their allowances to help create more jobs and stability. At the root of violence are distrust for Democratic institutions, anti-people constitution, poverty, lack of the rule of law and a spineless ruling class that cannot even protect her own interests.

Let us pray something does not start in the South West and South South. It will then be 360 degree conflict. Who will help Nigeria? Our leaders find private solutions to collective problems. They have private security, we don’t have; when the roads are bad, to fix it they buy Jeep; when there is no light, they go for solar 24/7; when there is crisis, they travel abroad to rest; instead of community health centres, they go abroad for the best medicare.

Public schools are now for the poor, creating a big gap between children of the poor and the rich. The idea of Public schools was, in part, to build a mutual platform of rich and poor, breed children of different economic backgrounds for a society of shared knowledge about the diversity of poverty, ignorance, haves, have nots and affluence.

Today, in Nigeria, the children of the rich who want to succeed their parents as political and economic leaders don’t know the meaning of hunger, they don’t know what it means to be poor, yet they are being prepared to lead the children of the poor tomorrow.

Can’t we see revolt and hate ahead? I attended public schools with children of hunters, bricklayers, cobblers and royals. We studied and understood the challenges of each other’s families. Today, the children of the rich and the poor live in two worlds in the same country and we think tomorrow is secured?

Our leaders are not intelligent. Its always good to nip a problem in the bud through constructive dialogue and peaceful engagement except in Africa where leaders are so arrogantly ignorant, adamant and stupidly so. When you tell them the truth you become their enemy.

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