Safety, not insecurity bane of Nigeria – Williams



….Says community policing remains only lasting solution

By Olatunde Abatan

Former secretary of Transparency International, General Isola Williams, has identified lack of internal safety as Nigeria’s major problem, which he said has made the country almost ungovernable.
In an exclusive interview with, the retired Director of Training and Doctrine of Nigerian Army is of the opinion that contrary to the general belief that insecurity is a function of serious external threat against the country adding that since the country is not facing any external threat, lack of free movement and safety of Nigerians anywhere they are is the biggest problem confronting the country.
According to him, safety of a country starts from the ability of citizens to move from one place to the other in any part of the country without being harassed or threatened.

Ishala Williams


Photo: Charles OkogeneOn the other hand, he said insecurity starts when the territorial integrity of a country is being threatened by activities of actors from other countries. He, however, noted that Nigeria as a country for now is secured.

He identified bandits and other lawless elements within the country as those who have affected the daily lives of citizens.

In other to resolve this problem, he spoke of the need to reassess our nation’s internal policing system adding that the military system handed over to us by the British need to be remodified to shut our peculiar needs such that realistic safety organs could be created to properly solve international safety problems.
As a way out,General Williams who is the Director of PanAfrican Strategic and Policy Research,PANAFSTRAG, said reviving our community policing system remains the best option for the country for effective policing and safety of citizens.
Said he,””How can you bring a police man from Borno and ask him to come and police Ogun state? It cannot work like that because he won’t understand the terrain “.
Still on community policing,General Williams said the present system whereby the police create more zones without providing infrastructural and men to do the job.
As for him,the present police system is less effect five because it is not rooted in the local people but from top to bottom rather than from bottom to top which is the most effective and realistic thing to do.

He also contended that police is not supposed to be a force as it is now but a service where the people are also part of policing as it is dine in civilised countries such that citizens are vigilant about happenings in their community and pass such information to the police.

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