I am ready to forego an oppressive Nigeria for an Oduduwa Republic -Enikuomehin



The world progresses on agitation. The developments we have today, be it political, economical, scientific, medicine, etc are based on agitation. Nature abhors anything that is stagnant. We, as humans grow.
Our ages today differ from what they were in 1983. Majority of us moved forward by furthering our education. Some went as far as other countries to do so and thereafter stay put over there.
I postulate that no man sleeps on the bed from 9.00pm to 5.00am without turning. It is impossible. Where you are bitten by an insect, you may need to stand up and make the bed again. If you, however, notice the presence of a poisonous serpent in the room, you will definitely take to your heels, seeking for safety.
The Nigeria of today is not a country that any truthful person, who is sincere to himself, can boast of.
Those who are agitating for the status quo to remain will definitely have their reasons. I dare say that one of the reasons is that ” we have been known as Nigerians, the biggest black nation of the world and the giant of Africa “etc. Ask them, what benefits this has conferred on them: NOTHING!!!
I am quick to point out that if there were no agitations by our forebears to get independence from the colonial masters, we would still have remained colonised.
I say without equivocation that before USSR was broken into pieces, there were people who desired the status quo. Their postulation would be ‘if we are broken into smaller States, the USA will overrun us’. We know better now that the imaginary fear of the former components of USSR are not tenable in the light of the present realities.
I hold the view that if Nigeria CANNOT be run well for the benefit of all, then, a break away from the country where I cannot safely travel to my hometown because of the fear of some marauders masquerading as Fulani herders, without any caution from the managers of Nigeria, is not worth staying a minute longer.
I submit that a man who continuously beats his wife, causes grievous bodily harm to her, thinking that she has no place to go, may be living in a fool’s paradise. Mr. Jones, in Animal Farm, written by George Owell, never thought that the animals could one day rebel.
I submit that the crop of persons managing the country have taken us for granted and that in their estimation, we are condemned to be in servitude because of the fear of “Federal Might”.
I dare say that things are no longer as they were in the days of yore.
In Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe, the character called Obierika told Okonkwo when the latter returned from exile that things were no longer the same…..” How can we fight our brothers. The Whiteman is very clever. He came quietly and peaceably with his religion, we were amused at his foolishness and allowed him to stay. Now he has won our brothers, and our clan can no longer act as one. He has put a knife on the things that held us together, and we have fallen apart…”
I say without hesitation that the managers of the contraction called Nigeria have put knives, cutlasses, guns, atomic ballistic missiles on the things that held us together and things have fallen apart.
I have farm, I dare not go there. I can’t travel on the road to Abuja without serious apprehension and trepidation. No night life anymore! The fear of the Fulani herders is the beginning of wisdom and in some cases, affliction and woes.
If “they” do not want us to go, then, they should call their “mad dogs” to order. Of recent, I was to go up North to handle some legal matters, my family asked me to perish the thought, which I complied with. Was it not fun in the 80s and 90s to say one was to travel to Maiduguri! The only fear then was the hot weather.
I submit that if the country is too big to be managed, then a split into smaller units may be preferable. Ghana is not as big as the South West. The Gambia is not as big as Osun State, yet she is a country. Sao Tome has 900 military capacity, yet she is a country.
We should engage our oppressors in intellectual debates for our agitation. The heat should be well coordinated. If we do not achieve now, our children may. I am ready to forego an oppressive Nigeria for an Oduduwa Republic.
*Dr Benson Enikuomehin, LL.D, FCPA.

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