Reject proposed Water Bill, ARG urges SW


Governors, lawmakers, others
…..Accuses SW FEC members of negligence

Opposition to the proposed National Water Resources Bill 2020 has continued to grow especially in the South West as the Afenifere Renewal Group(ARG) has urged Governors of the Southwest region as well as Lawmakers and traditional rulers from the region to reject the Bill.

The group urged them to work against the bill being passed into law.

In statement signed by its National Chairman, Olawale Oshun , the group raised some questions about the bill.

The statement was titled; ‘Why the proposed national water resources bill must not be passed into law’.

“Nigeria was founded as a federation and our first and still the most autonomous Constitution was negotiated on the principle of federalism. Consequent upon this principle, each federating unit has the unassailable right to determine what power or responsibility to cede to the central government.

It argued further that,” at no time, whether in the past or present, did the Yoruba people agree to cede the management of water resources in their domain to the central government. We therefore view the proposed bill as an affront and a deliberate ploy by its proponents to subjugate the interest of our people.”

“We are forced to question the procedure by which a bill assumes the tag of an executive bill. Was it ever discussed and approved at any meeting of the Federal Executive Council? If yes, then it is shameful that Yoruba members of the federal cabinet, along with members of other stakeholder nationalities, agreed to such a proposal. If not, then on what basis is this bill worthy of being called an executive bill?”, it asked.

The group stated that proposed bill has some sections, clauses and portions which should be opposed by every well meaning Nigerian.

It noted that the Federal government can not be trusted to manage national resources in a manner that satisfies, protects, and promote the ethnic and religious diversity of the country.

“If the right to manage water is vested solely in the central government, all the ethnic nationalities would by themselves be putting their necks in a noose”, it added.

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