Police, Okada, Keke operators exchange bullets at Ijora Olopa



Aftermath of the ban on commercial motorbikes (okada) and tricycles (Marwa) came into effect on 1 February, the operators, on Monday, 3 February engaged cops in gun duel in Apapa, Ijora, Ijora Olopa and Surulere areas of Lagos.

Heavy exchange of gunshots, according to a report by Eagle Online, were heard in some parts of the state, with many commuters caught in the exchange. The riders have, according to the report, set up bonfires on the road, making use of used tyres.

“Private cars, commercial vehicles and commuters are running for their lives as the exchange increased in intensity. The area remained impassable as at press time, with street urchins, popularly known as Area Boys, having joined in setting used tyres on fire to prevent movement and confronting the policemen enforcing the ban on the use of Okada and Keke marwa.

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