Lexus killed Mercedes, see why people are now buying Lexus instead of Mercedes


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Jan 28, 2020

Both automakers offer a robust lineup of vehicles designed to fulfill buyers’ every want and need. You’ll find their lineups filled with performance-focused cars, family haulers, and comfortable commuting vehicles. The only vehicle in the Mercedes lineup without a Lexus rival is the Mercedes-Benz CLS, a luxury large car.

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The Mercedes folks over-engineer their cars and they are prone to serious failures. To this day, I have no idea why Mercedes insists on Air suspensions on their S models which are subject to leaks and failures.

Dependability:For the eighth consecutive year, Lexus stands at the top of the competition in terms of dependability with a score of 106 PP100. No manufacturer has been able to surpass Lexus for the top spot in the J.D. Power VDS in the past eight years. Compared to the Mercedes-Benz score of 134 PP100, Lexus is the clear winner in terms of dependability.

Resale Value:Lexus vehicles top the competition in terms of resale value as well. Each year, Kelley Blue Book names its top picks for vehicles with the top resale value in their respective segments in the Best Resale Value Awards8. For 2019, a total of five Lexus models earned top honors in their segments. Mercedes-Benz did not earn any first place finishes in the 2019 Kelley Blue Book Best Resale Value Awards.

Safety:Lexus remains committed to engineering the safest vehicles on the road, with groundbreaking safety innovations to protect drivers and passengers from the unexpected. Standard on most Lexus vehicles, the Lexus Safety System+ is the most comprehensive safety system every offered by Lexus. A few of the advanced safety features included in this suite of systems include Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Lane Assistance, Intelligent High-Beam Headlights, and a Pre-Collision System.

I firmly believe that since Lexus had to earn the luxury customers, they understand the value of customer acquisition. It’s much harder to steal someone else’s customer than find new one’s. Also, their DNA and the fact that they share a lot of technology with Toyota, has helped Lexus build luxury cars which are more reliable.

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