The power of positive affirmation


Adopting a positive mind in a world of negativity and pessimism can be an uphill task if you have not gotten used to it! One strategy that can be used extensively is what we refer to as positive affirmations. Using words to encourage ourselves at times of trouble and even when things are not happening the way we want them to. What are you saying to yourself? As a man thinks in his heart so is he, but what you say frequently affects you on a very deeper level. The minds of men are made up of the conscious and the subconscious. The sub conscious derives its preoccupation from conscious. So what you say on repeated basis and what you think about mostly is engraved on your mind at a deeper level than you know.
If you consistently tell yourself things like: I will make it; I am going to succeed; I am great! Chances are that those sayings would be so engraved on your psyche and that you will begin to believe them. Beyond believing these words, if we can back them up with action that will help affirm the words we speak, our self esteem would be high. Self esteem is the opinion we have of ourselves. We should never let other people define the opinion we have of ourselves. The challenge is to build walls around our minds and not let negative things penetrate.
The late heavy weight boxing champion of the world, Mohammed Ali understood the power of positive affirmation and how to back it up with action. Ali, who was born Cassius Clay, used boxing to entertain and gave the sport a swag and prestige that it never had before him. Ali is known for his repeated affirmation: “I am the greatest!” And indeed in many senses of the expression he was the greatest. Ali fought and beat many opponents in the ring who were deemed by analysts to be stronger and harder hitting than he. His secret was to train very hard and rely on his speed and his mouth. One reporter asked him: How many sit ups do you do in your exercise routine? He replied: “I don’t count them till it begins to hurt!” He pushed himself to become extremely fit for every boxing match. Apart from using positive affirmation on himself he used words to fight his opponents. There were fights were Ali would taunt his opponent from beginning to end. With words that made them feel frustrated. He was a master of psychology without studying it!
What we say repeatedly becomes a part of us. If we can then make strong attempts to move towards what we say, then there are chances that we just might get it.
While growing up in the United Kingdom, as children, we had a saying: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me!” Really? We all know that bad names hurt people, especially when we accept the bad names we are called by others. Here is the trick: for every bad name you are called, have a positive one you will call yourself!
At the beginning of a work day, you ought to be able to speak to yourself in a positive manner, no matter what is going on around you. Your environment is not always under your control. But you can control your attitude. With the right attitude you can be poised towards achieving things that you never expected. You can begin by telling yourself: “Today is going to be a great day and no matter what comes my way, I am going to succeed!” Speaking like that to yourself is bound to affect your attitude. And like the Reverend Jesse Jackson once said: “attitude, not aptitude determines your altitude!” A person with a good attitude has a better chance of succeeding at what he does than a person with a negative one. Remember it all begins with self communication: What are you saying to yourself?
Positive affirmations help strengthen our resolve about issues and its difficult for us to give up once we have it settled in our minds that we would succeed. So you could be born into poverty, be living in deprivation with no sign of change around you. But if you have a strong mind sanctioned by what you choose to say and believe about yourself, the environment will serve as a stepping stone to you achieving great things. There are dozens of stories in history about warfare and how people with inferior weapons and sometimes lesser numbers were able to conquer armies and individuals mightier than themselves. It all begins with a positive mind which is created by positive affirmations backed up with actions. Braveheart an epic war film directed, co-produced, and starring Mel Gibson, who portrays William Wallace, a late-13th-century Scottish warrior is a great example. The film is fictionally based on the life of Wallace leading the Scots in the First War of Scottish Independence against King Edward I of England. It shows what positive affirmations backed with action can do to an army that is inferior to their foes but has strong resolve to succeed. Stay positive today and see how it helps you succeed.

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