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Choosing a profession or sector to work in is not enough for today’s executive. Every person who seeks to contribute meaningfully to the sector he belongs to must choose the path that he wishes to tread and pursue a level of performance that is optimal in nature. If we don’t know where we are going, any path will take us there! So it’s important that we have a career path in mind and that we are able to tread that path with minimal distractions or contradictions. Here are a few categories of personal designations that can help to describe the targets, responsibilities and idiosyncrasies we ought to choose.
The Soloprenuer is the single individual who is able to build an income and an industry around himself. It’s much like the award winning tennis player or golf player who features in international competitions for prize money. When he reaches his pinnacle, major product producers are interested in endorsing him to be an icon for their product. Soloprenuers are able to have a long run in their preoccupations and they often end up being an iconic individual and an expert consultant in their area of preference. Tiger Woods, Roger Federa and Raphael Nadel are in this category.
The Inventor is the individual who is able to bring new helpful technological advancements into being. Sometimes the inventor brings an idea forward and uses it to stun the world. He needs to keep producing to be relevant and he seeks to produce concepts, ideas and implements that are useful to mankind. He usually has a cult following of buyers who are ready to buy products that have his label on them, mainly because he changes the way people think, feel and work in different environments. Stephen King, New York Times author, who has over 50 books on the best sellers list, falls into this category. The Steve Jobs was also an inventor whose I- products stunned the world and are still selling after his demise.
If you can get into Sales or own sales of products it’s a very significant position to be. Many people have earned their fortune through the sales of products and services on a large scale. If you are able to create the product as well as sell it to particular group of people over a long period and keep them coming to buy the product, then you will make head way via commissions and proceeds from the sales.
Some people have the temperament to be CEO/Founder of a business. There are different kinds: Small businesses and/or large organizations such as multinationals. Start ups have a large mortality rate. But generally it all starts with an idea. The idea could be unique or existing. Once its packaged in such a way that it attends to the needs of people or helps solve one problem or the other, it is bound to have patronage. The CEO of a company has a thick skin. He has to be ready to take charge of groups of people and create the right atmosphere for productivity. The major responsibility of a CEO is to ensure that there is continuity in the organization and also ensure that the organization is meeting all its obligations. It’s a big responsibility and not everyone is ready to take it up.
Entrepreneurs are responsible for start ups. They are big dreamers who seek to earn a living by transforming an idea into some level of earning capacity. Many of them are CEOs of companies that have exponential growth, like the model earlier mentioned but others are small business owners who just run an organization that employs a hand full of people and is able to sell products and services and make ends meet. There is a slight difference between being self employed and overseeing a business. A self employed person does his own work based on a skill or know how he has. He works in his own organization. An entrepreneur is able to employ people to run an organization and step back, allowing it to run itself. Many of them open various kinds of enterprises and do not necessarily take part in the day to day running of the organizations even though the own them. It is takes a lot of talent to set up a system in an organization that enables it run itself while the owner steps back. That is the markings of a true entrepreneur.
With the onset of the internet and social media comes the position of an Influencer. Having a following on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin or Whats App that is excess of a hundred thousand or more. Some influencers have cult followings across various social media and they are able to affect the way people think, act and buy products and services. The influencer has attained cult following in many countries of the world such that producers of products and services are now employing them to create a buzz about a product, a person, a service or an event on line to promote sales or increase patronage. In order to reach the status of an influencer we need to have profound visibility on social media and have an attractive profile, pictures and email personality which would draw people towards us.
The Support team dictates that: “I would rather be in the back ground making sure that things work out for the principal officers”. Formula One Drivers, Championship Boxers, Presidents of countries, CEOs of multinational companies all have a background team who help build the profile of the main person at the front and take care of his every need so he can be brilliant, articulate or at least good at what he does. There is nothing wrong in being in the Support Team, some members of the team have great conditions of service and remunerations but they stay out of the klieg lights and allow a central figure to take all the glory. Many central figures owe their successes to such people who remain in the background all the way through. An Intrapreneur is a manager within a company who promotes innovative product development and marketing. He could be Chief Operating Officer or Chief Financial Officer. Perhaps he owns a piece of the company and therefore he works hard at it, knowing if it goes well it’s too his benefit on the long run. How do you see yourself? It’s time to define yourself so you can focus properly.

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