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Abiodun swings into action, orders urgent repair of Ijoko/Akute/Matogbun Roads

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From all indications, residents of Agbado, Oke aro, Matogbun and Akute areas of Ogun State may begin to heave a sigh of relief as workmen and equipments have been moved to the area at the beginning of the week.

Newdawn sources revealed that a new Chinese company was contracted to make the 32 kilometre road motorable for the time being to ease transportation problems being encountered by the people especially during the rainy season.

Sources revealed that the on going efforts to make the roads motorable was as a result of complaints by residents of the border areas and to which ‘the governor gave an order that the roads be made motorable immediately “.

However, the current effort our reporter gathered is palliative and pending the time the government will resume full scale construction of the abandoned road.
Newdawn have in the past two weeks report untold suffering and hardship bring experienced by residents of the border towns with Lagos especially during the on going rainy season.

The agony is such that many residents have packed out of the area while car owners have to spend fortune to maintain their cars.
On its part commercial vehicles charge exorbitant fees while commercial motorcycle riders-Okada charge 200% fees up from the normal charges before the rainy season.
It will be recalled that the construction of the six lane road commenced in 2012 with the demolition of many buildings and which many of the owners to date are yet to receive their compensation.

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