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We have spent over N10m on Adonte Road, Okocha

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Charles Okogene

The Public Relations Office of Adonte Development Union (ADU), Pastor, Austin Utomi Okocha, has reacted to our zstory titked tge “the sade state of Adonte developement” which also appeared in other online platform like

State of Adonte road as at last communal effort to make it motorable

In his response on the Facebook timeline where it was also posted, Okocha who is currently in Ghana on evangelism, said that the union has spent over N10 million trying to make the road motorable and that it is his belief that the state government which has for so long stood aside and look will come to their aid.

“Good move Charles, we will continue to put up all of these advocacies until govt hear our cry . The last effort made by ADU on this road cost well over N10 Million but because it was not tarred the rains naturally washed it away . I believe that God will some day get the govt to come in full and it will not be too long from now,” he said.
However, while Okocha still believes help will from the road master government, nothing has been heard from him or his government.

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