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After 20 years of APC/PDP regimes, this is Matogun road

Residents begins repair of roads to reduce pain and anguish

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Ordinarily, residents of Agbado and its environs, home to a long six lane road with five bridges.  should be happy. Happy that after many years of government neglect, it has been remembered ,their prayers have been answered through this unique initiative.

But today, over seven years since its conception which had led to loss of houses,lands and family inheritance, residents and indigenes of Agbado, this boundary community in Ogun state, are reeling in pains.
Pains that have now been compounded by constant armed robbery, bag snatching and increasing number of undesirable elements who have made  the now abandoned Agbado fly over which has now become a den of robbers and pick pockets at night and in the wee hours of the day when residents are going to work their home.
It is not only this abandoned bridge that has become a menace to the area which for its closeness to Lagos should have enjoyed the advantage of the former’s exploding] population.
Indeed,residents of Oke Aro and Matogbun road,another increasingly expanding border community have started living in droves as house owners now sell their houses or move out of the area which only access road have become a nightmare. Those who choose to stay in the communities that dots this semi urban setting under the aegis of Araromi/oke-odo and Matogbun Area Community Development Association,have come together ] to make the area motorable.

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Before and now,scores of those who own cars have either park their cars or  have sold them due to the bad roads. For many car owners,,the fear of Matogbun-Oke aro road is the reduction of their life style.
But three weeks ago, the citizens through the above body have formed themselves into at least three g groups to carry out repair works  to make the two kilometres road,,  at least motorable.
Such is the enthusiasm of the residents that under two weeks,they have cough out over N1.5million, voluntary donations, to repair the road.
‘We are tired of waiting for government which has deceived us for the past 16 years to provide solution to the road constructed in the early 70s but all to no avail’
Indeed,Musa Adesina,a.resident who have sold two of his three cars is full of regret for moving into his modest bungalow 10 years ago from nearby Lagos.
His case is similar to Michael Ogun, a mechanic who brought his garage from Agege,all in his bid to create a home and job from the emerging Lagos suburbs.Today,while he has to contend with many of his customers who are landlords but have returned to town due to exorbitant .cost if maintaining their vehicles. Result is ,Michael have lost almost all his clientele and his daily source of living to the poor state of the road as his customers have either abandoned their houses or park their cars at home. His garage along Matogbun road is littered with abandon vehicles whose owners are not in a hurry to repair.
Mr Tanimowo,the coordinator of the three groups created by the two CDC to fix the road and  said he was surprised by the enthusiasm of residents who have contributed much of the above and are still opening their purse to put life back to the road.
As for them,the residents in the various communities are wary of a promise by any government to fix the road since former Governor Gbenga Daniel attempt through a PSP failed in 2010.
Not done with this failed PSP option by Gov Daniel,it was  hope against hope that for another eight years of the former Governor Ibikunle  Amosun led government ,it was failed promises of attention as hope earlier raised in 2011, when his government came campaigning with fanfare remained dashed until it left office on May 29, 2019. eight years after.
As for Matogbun residents,” putting hopes on politicians promises on campaign rostrum is akin to endless wait hence their new slogan..Self Help remains Best Help.
Matogbun road like the abandoned five bridges and 32 kilometre Ijoko/Berger road remains an open sore of a state with abundant material and human resources which has and may remain untapped unless the people as they are doing now, take their destiny into their hands.


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