Eid el Fitr: Cleric urges govt to tackle economy, insecurity

The Chief Imam of Uyo Central Mosque, Mohammed Adamu, has urged the Federal Government to put in place policies and programmes to improve the nation’s economy and tackle insecurity in order to reduce the sufferings of Nigerians.
Adamu said this while speaking to newsmen after the Eid el-Fitr prayers on Tuesday to mark the end of Ramadan.
The spiritual leader noted that citizens all over the country irrespective of tribe and  religion in last four years, have been  going through difficult times and challenges.
He commended the administration in some of its policies and programmes in the first term of President Muhammadu Buhari, stressing that these policies if properly implemented, it should translate into better living condition for citizens.
“The expectations from governments by the people are numerous. We take the President by his words, that he will do things differently this time.
“We expect him to redouble efforts in revamping the economy,  fight corruption and insecurity in the country. The security challenge is so alarming now, especially in the northern part of the country.
“We want the president to sit up and face the challenges headlong, because it has given us bad name and has driven away investors from the country.
So, the citizens of this country expect a lot from governments . We will take him by his words, that he will do things differently to benefit the citizens,”Adamu said.
The cleric also urged the state governors to fulfill their campaign promises and provide citizens with dividends of democracy and stop thinking of only themselves and their families.
According to him, the country is blessed with human and natural resources, and that if harness properly would lift the citizens from poverty and unemployment.
“In Akwa Ibom, the governor told the people that his next agenda is to complete what he started, we want leaders at states and federal levels to appoint people of proven integrity into their cabinets.
“As the Federal Government is going to give money directly to the Local Government Councils , we expect them to sit up and make good use of the money coming to them.
“They are the closest government to the people, they should do something differently to bring dividends of democracy to the grassroots, ” he said.
Adamu urged the citizens to remain peaceful, be law abiding, shun crimes and all vices inimical to progress and demand from their leaders accountability. (NAN)

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