Suicide by students and delay in compiling results



Most unfortunate! Veey quickly, there ought to be a rejig in the academic institutions. Relationship between lecturers and students have become a business, which is most unfortunate and this anathema was what chased some of us away from the academia.

Let me drop some posers: How come students no longer get their results two or three weeks after semester exams as was the case when we schooled? Why won’t students get their semester statement of results shortly before take off of new semester any longer?

Everybody had his or her statement of result for every semester issued by the Exams and Record Department of the Registry. With this, issues of ‘missing results’ did not obtain, unlike what is happening now.

Why does it take several months or even years to process final (degree) result for students? Why do academic supervisors see supervision of student academic project, thesis or dessertation as cash cow project, thereby using every form ofl subterfuge to extort the students before they perfoem one of their primary duties and even collect special allowance to do? Most students spend minimum of one year before they get their funal graduation results.

When we schooled, we received our semester statement of result once the results are pasted on the departmental notice board. HODs and Faculty Officers ensure lecturers keep to the academic calender and process results for Senate approval promptly. Deans of Faculty and VCs ask questions for shortfall in student results and follow up on such and keep track of developments. Nowadays, we computerise the processes, yet it gets slower.

I recall with nostalgia that our HODs and Faculty Officers were like blood parent to students and we were encouraged to walk in and resolve challenges, but right now, lecturer/student relationship is like cat and dog. There is so much fear induced from the time of processing student admission that often, students dread sighting their HODs, not to talk of taking problems to them to resolve. Departmental clerks now see themseves as overlord. That is the first pot of call and we need to urgently right the wrongs at these directions.

So far as we have fail to address these issues and more, which starts from the point of student admission, we are likely to experience more suicides resulting from rising frustrations.

Wish students can resort to what used to obtain (campus guerrilla journalism) which we used in those good old days to expose malfeasance at the academic community. Unfortunately, nowadays, most students appear to be extremely lazy even with the advantage of ICT. I rest my case for now. What’s your take? Can we continue this way?

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