Cabals are coming, Fowler, watch it


When they first came for Mrs. Kemi Adeosun, the erstwhile finance minister with facts provided for them by one of us down south here whom sources said Adeosun allegedly prevented from taking a foreign loan, we blamed the minister for patronising those who have made fortune from touting fake National Youths Service Corps (NYSC) Exemption Certificate.

Before then, they had finished the grass cutter, Secretary to the government of the federation (SSG), though initially one of them; and we shouted, “Gambari pa Fulani ko si ejo” (Gambari kill Fulani, no case).

Then they came for former Chief Justice of Nigera (CJN) Justice Onnoghen. We said that he is a ‘crook.’ That he was one of those long indicted by the late Justice Kayode Esho Panel and wondered how he managed to become the numero uno judge in Nigeria.

Now the cabals are coming for Nigeria’s tax master. They are flying the kite. They say money is missing from the account of the Federal Inland Revenue Services (FIRS), which he oversees as chairman.

Again the cabals are coming. And like witches and wizards in the unholy hours, they have gathered in their coven and concluded the case of Babatunde Fowler who has in a short space of his elevation to the post of the chairman of the FIRS from his former position as the overall boss of Lagos Inland Revenue Services (LIRS), done incredibly so well to the surprise of his traducers who had thought that he will meet his waterloo at the office and desperately, wickedly want to pull him down by any means necessary.

To them, Fowler must fall. And a motor mouth governor of one of the North Central states, who is never afraid to spray the venom from his mouth against anybody, even against those who brought him to political limelight, has started acting out the script.

A day after he promised to tell his audience, incidentally in Ikoyi, Lagos, how to fight a Lagos godfather, an online news platform, came to town with its ‘exclusive’ story on how the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), is hot on the heels of Fowler for some financial shenanigans.

The online platform went on to allege that Fowler was holed up in the Abuja residence of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and yet, the anti-graft agency has not storm the building and smoke Fowler out like a common criminal.

With the latest news and the way it was reported, one needs no soothsayer to foretell that the cabal is gradually running rings around Asiwaju.

That they are not pleased with the recent report that the FIRS has made well over N5 trillion under the watch of Fowler and is capable of making more than that if the proposal to bring online bet afficiandos (Baba Ijebu stakers) into the tax net in no distance future is concluded.

They are also not happy that Fowler is one of those allegedly said to have been positioned by the powers that be as earlier reported by this medium to take over from Mr. Godwin Emefiele (who has just been reappointed) as the governor of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) or become the next finance minister when President Muhammadu Buhari eventually inaugurates his next cabinet.

“We must stop him; if we cannot get the ball, let us get his legs. Let us yeye him,” the cabals chorused to their foot soldiers. And to work they went.

And if something is not done fast and quick too, they will succeed in their wicked and evil plans.

Again, the cabals are coming!

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