Eedris Adulkareem at it again


Eedris Adulkreem is a time tested hip-hop singer whose songs ruled the dace floor and airwaves in the past. In this interview with Charles Okogene, he revealed that his next album is due for release and urged his fans and music lovers in general to be on the look out.


How was your Naija Nite outing?


The Naija Nite Out package was a huge success of course. It wasn’t a show actually, it’s a new programme where I dine with selected fans and in-house guests of the host hotel; where I interact with one and all and sign autographs!



Was it worth the stress in terms of performance, turn out and of course ticket sales?


The turn out was massive indeed, but the event has no ticketing or monetary attachments; yes, it was worth everyone’s while.


 Any plan to take it to your fans in places like Port Harcourt, Kano and Abuja?


Yes indeed, we’ll be taking it around the country as soon as the new album drops! And that’s pretty soon



Was the show a re-launch of the brand Eedris Abdulkareem, which went down after your famous spat with 50 Cents’ crew?


It was not a re-launch because brand Eedris needs no rebranding! I’ve been around and will still be around for a very long time to come

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When are we to expect another vibe from you after Nigeria Jagajaga?


I’ve been dropping singles and have always been visible, but the new and yet to be named album will be dropping very soon! Just watchout!



You have kept quiet for so long, too long, was it deliberate to allow the negative vibe generated by the 50 Cents issue cool off?


The truth is that I don’t like talking about the 50 Cents brouhaha because of the pains and all the betrayals I encountered during that period. About lying low to allow the heat dissipates, that has never been my way. I’ve always stood up for things I believe in, besides the brouhaha succeeded in bringing the much needed revolution that the Nigerian music industry needed most! That issue is the reason why Nigerian artistes are living the good lives now, driving the kind of cars they desire and living large and luxuriously! It all started with that revolution and since then, no promoter both indigenous and foreign take undue advantage of our creative people. Then again, the betrayals from the Performing Musicians Employers’ Association of Nigeria (PMAN) formed committee, which had Prince Tony Momoh as chairman and Featus Keyamo as secretary amongst some other notable names, is still fresh on my mind! Charly Boy who was the president of PMAN at the time, orchestrated the whole betrayal game by collecting money from Nigeria Breweries, which was headed then by Festus Odumegwu in order to kill the case and turn justice on its head! The latest News flash concerning the same Charly Boy and Keyamo is a pointer to the kind of men these guys are!

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