MGHS @ 144 : Old Students reunite, execute numerous projects, celebrate sisterhood









Reunions returned to full strength recently when the Old Girls Association (OGA) of Methodist Girls High School (MGHS) Yaba, Lagos gathered for their 144th Annual Global Reunion.

The event was a reconnection with cherished lifetime friends who graced the occasion from all walks of life to execute numerous projects, as well as celebrate sisterhood by lifting up one another.





Tagged “Afro Fusion” this year’s event was a celebration of African Culture”, the event was held at Dame Caroline Hall, School Premises, Yaba, Lagos State.



Reviewing the impacts of the annual gathering of OGA, the Global President, MGHS, Mrs. Tilewa Amusu, a Rtd. Major General said the school has witnessed a lot of activities of the association.




Her words “We organise a lot of activities for the school : mentoring and empowerment of students; sponsorship trainings for teachers; the OGA Prize Giving Day, among others just to encourage them.” said Amusu.

We are always interested in the development of the school. As a way of giving back to the school, OGA is undergoing a massive building project of over N500M. So far, about 70% of the project is completed, this is another way of giving back to our alma mater.” said Amusu.



This project she revealed is ongoing alongside other projects

According to Amusu, 2023 Founder’s Day witnessed the presence of many oldies who has never attended in the past.

“There are people I haven’t seen since we left school, I left here in 1976, I am seeing some of them for the first time since 1976, so it is exciting. Currently the oldest person who is here now is 92 years old, Dr. Mrs. Braithwaite”.

For these group of women, Amusu said “We show them love, affection and also celebrate them. Hence this year, we are celebrating Sisterhood. MGHS is 144 years old since 1879 when it was established, this makes it the oldest girls’ secondary School in Nigeria” said Amusu.




On her part, the Chairperson, 2023 Global Reunion Planning Committee, Mrs Sikuola Adewuyi, spoke about the choice of the theme for this year, ‘Afro Fusion’, “As Africans, we want to celebrate our Roots, hence the display of talking drums, among others, everyone is also dressed in traditional attires; Ankara, Adire (the & dye) among others. said Adewuyi.

On her counsel to old students concerning the economic challenges, Adewuyi stated.

“No matter how well you are, we are all affected one way or the other, and that is why we are here celebrating sisterhood, to lift up one another.

“Everything is not about finance, sometimes what the person needs is a listening ear, someone to hold her hands. When you are isolated, things are a lot worse for you, but when you have people around you, it becomes better, it is like a problem shared is a problem half solved already.
We are here to make sure that no one is left behind, none of us is isolated, none of us is on their own”  Adewuyi concluded.

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