Level of insecurity indication of absence of rulers in the country- Banjo



As a former governorship candidate of the National Conscience Party,NCP and critic, Ogbeni Lanre Banjo an accountant by profession is not new to politics. Neither is he new to history of leadership and public policy analysis having served at various positions in the United States.

Ogbeni Banjo congratulates Tinubu
As for him,the current level of insecurity in the country portrays lack of responsive government that knows what it takes to guarrantee nations stability.
He profers answers to some issues in this online interview.

On Insecurity

The level of insecurity in this country is pathetic; it does not show that we have rulers not to talk of leaders.

The country cannot even boast of being ruled or led by a recruit in the army talk less of a General. Perhaps this General does not merit the rank. My people in Borno cannot sleep with their two eyes closed and the entire country is under siege, yet the president is not addressing us.
I pray those who threatened to kidnap him could at least attempt their threat.
Hopefully his immediate family members would feel what the rest of us are feeling.

The Service Chiefs are helpless because they know that the government does not want the killings stopped because they are the direct sponsors of insecurity.
Alhaji Abubakar Kawu Baraje,once confessed that they imported foreign mercenaries who became bandits into Nigeria. Was he interrogated by the Police.
Miyetti Allah whose patron is General Buhari made a public statement that any state that desires peace should, provide land for Fulani, did the government do anything?.
The Ondo State government announced that a top leader of Miyetti Allah led the gang that mercilessly murdered Pa Fasaronti’s daughter. So, my take is that the government is the direct sponsor of terrorism and insecurity would not end until after elections, if they hold.

Move to impeach by the Senate:

The oligo-Military Decree called 199 Constitution of Nigeria empowers the National Assembly to remove the president when it considers the president’s conduct to be a gross misconduct.
Gross misconduct means a grave violation or breach of the provisions of the Constitution or a misconduct of such nature as amounts to gross misconduct in the opinion of the National Assembly.

General Buhari has been in the office for over seven years and several acts constituting gross misconducts have been committed, but there has been no majority in the National Assembly who are patriotic enough to move a motion to impeach him. Opposition is not strong enough and APC members consider the party first before the future and safety of the citizens.

While I strongly believe that something needs to be done even if he is leaving the office tomorrow so he can forfeit all his benefits as a retired President, knowing the characters in the Senate, such a move would be frustrated using all sorts of gimmick and prevaricated reasons. The Senate President may extend their recess until next year when elections would be few months away.

Would the Chief Justice put the country over the narrow interest of the president?
Senator Adeyemi who has been crying in the ‘unhallowed’ Chamber was not given a ticket to return to send a strong signal to other patriots.
Unfortunately, they made an electoral law that stripped them of their rights to contest on another platform once any one loses a ticket of his/her party.

So, I think it is a journey to nowhere. What prevented them from embarking on impeachment process before now, especially when he issued an executive order to allow Fulani from other African countries to enter Nigeria without visa to deepen insecurity and empower Fulani over other ethnics?
When he dangerously ordered Boko Haram and bandit members to be admitted into the Nigerian Army, what were they looking for?

Do the APC members of National Assembly who may not support the impeachment process if engaged in prior to this time see themselves as residing in an unsecured Nigeria or secured political party?

On Economy:

General Buhari has no good economic team, former President Olusegun Obasanjo opined that Buhari knows nothing about economy and he has not proved OBJ wrong with the situation of the nation’s economy.

The Nigerian civil war witnessed three Budgets with the first one introduced on October 19, 1967. The three budgets were governed and underlaid by the same fundamental objectives and basic principles.
The objectives were to win the war and the peace that followed.
The three principles were to economize Nigerian financial resources, raise additional revenue, and save our foreign exchange reserve from being run down to a dangerous level, thereby avoiding balance of payments difficulties, and preserving the strength of our Nigerian pound.

The economic team was led by Chief Obafemi Awolowo, of blessed memory, who was the Vice Chairman of the Federal Executive Council and Federal Commissioner for Finance.
During the war, it was envisaged that the country would require for rehabilitation, reconstruction and development, a record capital investment of the order of 1,500,000,0000 pounds from both the public and private sectors, within five years after the war.
The Chief Awolowo led Ministry of Finance planned accordingly.
The financing of the Nigerian civil war should, therefore, be understood not just as connoting the defraying of the expenses of the immediate, narrow, negative object of winning the war alone, but as embracing the conservation of our financial health of our nation. This was the plan, it was pursued with draconic firmness and attained. The war was prosecuted without borrowing a penny. Unlike, people in Buhari’s administration, who don’t care about our worth and the strength of Naira.
All they do is borrow, borrow and borrow for posterity to pay.

Devaluation of Naira reminiscent of Civil War Era

As the war began, there were persistent speculations that the Sterling might be devalued. There were equally persistent denials by the British Chancellor of the Exchequer that there was going to be any devaluation. In view of these persistent speculations, and of the equally persistent official denials, it occurred to Chief Awolowo what might happen. He therefore directed that the Research Section of the Central Bank, in collaboration with the officials of his Ministry should come up with a detailed memorandum on the implications to the Nigerian economy if the Sterling was devalued.
At the end of the day, Chief Awolowo resolved that if the British pound sterling was devalued, and Nigeria followed suit, it would bring caustic disaster upon Nigeria which the British government clandestinely schemed for.
Weeks later, the British government directed all West African countries under its colony to devalue. Chief Awolowo wrote to the British government that “it is an affront on the Sovereignty of Nigeria for her to direct that the Nigerian pound must be devalued because of the strategic devaluation of her own pound sterling”. He urged economic theories that support the Nigerian government’s position and according to Chief Awolowo, the British government apologized in a letter to Nigeria and only Nigeria did not devalue when Ghana and the rest devalued. This was a leader unlike today where the officials of Ministry of Finance would only accept to serve if they could be paid in dollar and the current officials have no clues.
They always bow when the Western world talks.

On 2023 Elections:

Late Dr. Obadiah Mailafia exposed the terrorist plans that beginning from 2022, they would begin to execute the plans to prevent elections from holding if Fulani would not continue to misgovern Nigeria. We have been seeing the sign. What would happen is cloudy, but those of us who would refuse to be slaves would continue to plan against our enslavement

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