Savour your ancestral identity,Obasanjo counsels Owu Obas



The former President of Nigeria and Balogun Owu Kingdom, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo has admonished all Owu Obas in Nigeria and in Diaspora to uphold the principles of blending meekness with ruggedness, trustworthiness and loyalty to a collective national objective for which their progenitors were identified.

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The Balogun Owu cautioned every Oba Olowu in their spaces not to discount the values of verve, hardiness and statesmanship that stood their forebears stead during their struggle for nationhood, adding,


“ the venerated crown devolved to the first Olowu Ajibosin by his great grandfather, Oduduwa in his live-time, which is now worn by you, is your great inheritance that must be protected.”

The former President gave the counselling while addressing Owu Obas under the aegis of Royal Union of Owu Obas (RUOOB) from all parts of Yoruba land in Nigeria at their 3rd quarterly conference in Abeokuta weekend.

The Balogun Owu advised the monarchs to shun any traits that might disunite them, explaining that the politically inclined classifications of their status should not be allowed to erode the commonality of the crown on their heads.
Speaking further,Obasanjo alluded to the seamless recognition and respect accorded every President of a country irrespective of the country’s population, power or status as an example of what should happen to all Obas in Owu Kingdom as their crown, not the size of their towns, is of common origin and status.
Earlier, the Secretary of the Union, Oba Dr Gabriel Adewoye, Olowu of Owu Isin, Kwara State, in his welcome address, had said one of the objectives of the coming together of the Obas was to leverage on their unity to evolve a social-economic development of their domains. They are also to synergise with their national organization, the Royal Union of Owu People, (RUOP) to facilitate urgent rebuilding of the ancestral home at Orile Owu, in Osun State.
Among the Obas who attended the conference are Olowus from Orile Owu, Owu Aiyegunle from Osun State, Owu Isin, Owu Obaloyan from Kwara State, Owu Aiyepe and Owu Iji, Odoolowu, Ijebu.

Others are Towulade Akinale, Onipapa, Abalabi, Lapeleke, Wasimi Alaafia, Elejio, Apomu, Ajipaatu and Abule Owu, all in Ewekoro Local Government and Onifo from Ifo Local Government.

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