#EndSars anniversary: Uber driver molested, refuses to enter “Black Maria”




There was a mild drama for about 20 minutes on Wednesday as a man who claimed to a uber driver battled with the police and refused to be put inside the armoured truck where arrested protesters had been detained.

The man who identified himself as Clement Adedotun, fought and struggled with the policemen and officials of the Lagos Neighbourhood Watch who battled spiritedly to force him into the truck.

For almost 20 minutes the drama of the struggle against the security men continued. All efforts by the policemen to carry him and force him into the truck proved abortive as he forced his way back.

At some point, the man laid on the ground while the security men carried him fully. Yet, he refused to enter until some other people and journalists demanded explanation why he was to be whisked away.

Adedotun explained that he had brought a client to the Lekki Tollgate area as a uber driver but that the rider got down when he leant that there were shootings in the area.

He showed those present evidence of his being an uber driver displaying his Apps on his phone.

While struggle went on, he clutched to his phone even after he had been wounded which led to blood coming out of his face.

His dresses were torn in the struggle.

He was later left to go after explaining his mission at the area.

He said he had nothing to do with the protests.

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