Mercedes-Benz proposes car prototype driven by the mind


…Has no driving wheel
….Adapted to the owner’s/driver’s brain


The automotive giant Mercedes-Benz on Monday, at the International Motor Show which was held in Munich, Germany, unveiled a prototype of a car inspired by the movie ‘Avatar’ that would not have a steering wheel but would be driven with the mind.

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The Vision AVTR as the vehicle is called, would, according to the company, be able to read a driver’s brain activity and translate it into driving commands.

The technology is based on visual perception as its dashboard will project points of light to form the digital command interface, as well as portable electrodes that will be connected to the back of the driver’s head.

The vehicle would be designed such that the user would be able to first calibrate the car with his brain and then fix his gaze on a specific point on the dash. The car is then expected to detect that ‘thought’ and follow the required prompt.

According to Entrepreneur, the car would not have a steering wheel as such, but would turn on by putting one’s hand on a console that would be able to recognise the owner’s heart rate and breathing.

The Vision AVTR sensors are capable of detecting specific information from outside such as magnetic fields and ultraviolet light.

The car has an electric motor for each wheel, reaches a power of 350 kW and a range of 700 kilometers per charge.

Sigma Pensions promotes digital skills among youths
Sigma Pensions Limited, one of the Pension Fund Administrators, has expressed its commitment to equipping youths with digital skills to boost their employability, create businesses and boost the development of the Nigerian economy.

The Executive Director, Operations, Sigma Pensions, Mr Afolabi Folayan, said the company had embarked on a digital transformation journey since 2015.

He added that this had resulted in radical transformation in its business and service delivery to both internal and external customers.

A statement obtained on Tuesday said that while speaking at a five-day digital boot camp meeting for youths in Abuja, he said Sigma Pensions had leveraged on technology to overcome the adverse impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our business had little or no negative impact during the pandemic as we were able to seamlessly service our customers without any interruptions,” he said.

Folayan said through its digital innovation drive, the company currently had the highest number of digital channels to service customers.

He added that in line with its corporate social responsibility commitment, and through strategic partnership, the company had been able to impact over 1.3 million youths across the country in an effort to enhance their entrepreneurial skills.

Folayan said, “Our corporate social responsibility projects have been focused on financial literacy for young people between ages 18-25 i.e. corps members and young graduates.

“We have empowered young entrepreneurs in NYSC camps by funding their business ideas and sponsoring their community development projects.

“Since 2019, we have partnered with Junior Achievement Nigeria and delivered three CSR projects targeted towards financial literacy and entrepreneurship.”

The executive director added that through the empowerment programmes, the company aimed to equip young Nigerians with skills in web development, graphics and animation.

According to him, this was part of Sigma Pensions’ contributing towards the science, technology, engineering and mathematics education in the country.

He explained that the boot camp had been attended by about 100 young people from ages ranging from 18 to 25.

The Unit Head, Branding and Marketing Communications, Sigma Pensions, Yetunde Adebiyi, said one of the core values of the company was to provide innovative solutions particularly in the area of digital skills which is the future.

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