Notes on  IPOB’s stay at home


By Adewale Adeoye

Telling those in power the truth can only be very useful to those who see the people as primary in any socio-political context. You have said it all. For those who have no respect for the people, truth is a waste of time.

First of all, We must do everything possible to avert war. This is not 1966.

We do not want war but we must realise that the route to averting war is Justice and Dialogue.

Perhaps, if Mohammed Yusuf was taken to court and tried, instead of summary execution without trial at the police headquarters in Maiduguri, Boko Haram may not have emerged.

If Odi and Odioma were not brutally destroyed during OBJ’s era, Ijaw armed men may not have become a phenomenon. If IPOB members had not been killed during the 2016 invasion, maybe we wont have the current situation.

The people in authority like to talk to themselves backed by self serving and completely inept academics. People are not ready for a dialectical approach to the problems at hand.

The level of ignorance and self service of many educated people is appalling.

At the begining, Boko Haram was described as “riffraff” or “rag tag”.

Now “rag tag” is giving the President and National Assembly members sleepless nights. Lawmakers dare not visit their communities.

IPOB was ‘hoodlums’, now the same “hoodlums” gave order and the entire SE obeyed effectively beyond imagination. They defied their elected governments.

It speaks to the fact that IPOB has come to contend the political space with the legal authority and in the process, overthrew and eroded the legitimate power for a whole day.

It shows strength and suggests public sympathy for what IPOB stands for.

For adopting stay at home, a moral democratic weapon, puts IPOB ahead in terms of global status. Let us not deceive ourselves.

Eventhough it has been accused of employing violence, but that stay at home demonstrated its real strength.

We should remember that this is not 1966. This is 2021. Gen Gowon was looking at a 3 month suppression which he termed “police action” but it lasted for 30 months, one ethnic group against some Nigerian 300 ethnic groups, one ethnic group against all the world powers: USSR, Brittain, USA and all and the people stood for 30
months.There is no longer USSR. New international laws have emerged since 1966 that world powers must respect in lieu of their people and the dynamics of emerging democracy in the West and East. It is almost certain that world powers wont offer a blanket support for Nigeria this time. We should think, use our brain and not muzzle.

While in 1966, Biafrans fought against Nigeria, is there a Nigeria to fight against in 2021 compared with 1966? In our bedrooms, we should think about that.

The solution is simple: Let us talk. If we see ourselves as equals, its never too late to engage ourselves. Extremism is taking a position that cannot be negotiated. Democracy has no room for extremism.

Dialogue is strength, its not a mark of weakness. Those stoking the fire of war are those who think every dissent must be and can be ‘crushed’. Those who insist Nigeria must retain its obsolete structure are bereft of a deep sense of history. They say if we restructure, local people will fight each other. What is their business with that? Why are they full of contempt against us?

Why do they think they can manage our affairs better than ourselves?

What is wrong with our leaders and their mental ability?

Since they have been running our affairs like a garrison state how have they benefited local communities?

What gives them the impression that someone alien to my values will rule my territory better?

What kind of mentality is that, that my children are better off under a father strange to them !!!. It’s common sense that absolute concentration of powers, in politics and in economics, is self ruin.

Time for discussion on the future of Nigeria is now, not a minute late.
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