Yoruba group reveal plan by Fulani terrorists to recruit children soldiers


…Says former Governors Akande and Amosun have been notified

A Yoruba group, Apapo Odua Koya has revealed plans by armed Fulani terrorists occupying forests in the South West of plots to recruit children from the six states in the South west to join its army of soldiers and use them as human shield in their plot to carry out its age long insurgency in the region.
In a statement issued Monday the leader of the group Col
Abimbola Sowunmi(retd), said it is in possession of credible intelligence reports to back its claim.
He stated that the focal point of recruitment is children between the ages of 12-17 which will be procured through abductions,introduction into hard drugs and material lobby.
Full statement below:

Fulani terrorists plot to recruit, arm Yoruba children

THE armed Fulani terrorists operating in the South West area have concluded plans to recruit and train Yoruba children who will be used as human shield in their future plot of carrying out insurgency in the region.

“This sounds odd but it is true. We are in possession of credible intelligence that armed Fulani terrorists operating in the South West Yoruba territories are planning to recruit,train arm Yoruba children for insurgency on their own land,’ Apapo O’odua Koya, (AOKOYA) a coalition of several Pan Yoruba groups said in a statement signed by its official, Col Abimbola Sowunmi (rtd)

AOKOYA said the recruitment of Yoruba children will begin in Kwara,Ondo, Oyo,Lagos and Ogun States where the terrorists already have significant presence

AOKOYA said “Their focal point is children between ages 12 and 17. They will be recruited through a mix of abduction, introduction to hard drugs and material lobby. They are focusing on poor children and other children they plan to abduct either individually or collectively.”

The group said many Yoruba children may join out of the desperation to survive due to poverty and misery in the land

AOKOYA urged the South West Governors to trust it’s intelligence. “Our information have always been accurate. We warned about the presence of armed cells in Yorubaland as far back as 2017. In 2018,We warned Fulani terrorists would target traditional rulers. We warned in 2019 that they would occupy Oyo and Ogun border towns. We warned now that they will attack schools and kidnap children. We have been accurate based on our intelligence driven campaign for Yoruba self determination” the group stated.

AOKOYA said the Fulani began their occupation plan since 1998.

“Part of the plot was for many Fulani men to marry Yoruba girls, impregnate them and have children through them. It looked like a far fetched plan but as at 2015, there were no fewer than 100 children what came out of such wedlocks designed to build Fulani fighters with Yoruba blood.

“The former Ogun State Governor Ibikunle Amosun is aware unless he wants to be mischievous. These facts were also presented to Chief Bisi Akande several years ago which he confirmed. He is also aware. Chief Akande is a honest man. He is upright. We challenge him to speak up with the fear of God in him” Col Sowumi said.

AOKOYA said after training and indoctrination, combined with hypnotism, the Yoruba children will be deployed to kidnapping and indiscriminate killings in Yorubaland.

AOKOYA said ‘This will create conflict of public perception and judgment among the Yoruba. It will twist public opinion by wrongly presenting the killings and kidnapping as a “national problem.”

AOKOYA said this ends up strengthening the overall agenda of Fulani terrorists to conquer and subdue the Yoruba Nation

The group said the Fulani Government of Nigeria (FGN) has been pounding the Kanuri led Boko Haram in the North East but has done nothing to stop Fulani terrorists in North West and Southern Nigeria.
This points to the scramble for Nigeria between the ancient Uthman Dan Fodio and El Kanemi empires who are both fighting to take over Nigeria at gun point while other nationalities stand as mere gullible spectators

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