Who is afraid of the zonal congress ?


By Tejumade Akitoye-Rhodes

There is an apparent conspiracy by some members of the PDP National Working Committee to frustrate the reconciliation process in the Southwest. They are bent on some deliberate hidden agenda to sabotage the party in Yorubaland.

It is noteworthy that the so called national legal officer and his fellow conspirators chose to ignore the court orders stopping the kangaroo congress that brought in Doherty through the back door . And yet the same legal officer and his cronies in the fold of the National Working Committee which secretly initiated a legal process to stop the Southwest zonal Congress in the names of members of the caretaker committee who were unaware of the case, filed for the defendants and procured lawyers for the two in a desperate attempt to stop the Zonal Congress . This is not only criminal, it is the fastest road to jail.

We do not make these claims lightly. We are in possession of a written authorization signed by Emmanuel Enoidem , the National Legal officer, instructing one Barrister Adeyinka Adeyemi to collect his legal fees for all defendants from Mr Ladi Adebutu.

Now , what is the business of Barrister Enoidem, the national legal officer in procuring legal defense for phantom defendants and equally conjuring phantom applicants ?

If this is not compromising enough, I want to know what is . We are challenging the National Legal Adviser to deny this vitiating evidence. Frankly we at the PDP Stakeholders Initiative believe that Barrister Enoidem and his accomplices, known and unknown are straying on the verge of Kirikiri prison.

And why are they afraid of the zonal Congress ? Why are the current managers of PDP trifling with the Yorubaland?

Let them know that there will be massive electoral consequences when these suborned actors are bent on imposing their minions in the Southwest. We remain focused and undaunted as we look forward to the April 10 zonal Congress .

…Professor Akitoye-Rhodes is
Chairman, PDP Stakeholders Iniative.

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