Ukoh running from pillar to post for second term


The series of allegations and petitions of bad management and misappropriation levelled against the Director General of National Troupe, Tar Ukoh, are beginning to chase him about like the proverbial evil that men do that lives after them.

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Ukoh, the weird dresser that was appointed the DG about four years ago is said to be running from pillar to post begging anybody that is somebody to help in his quest for a second term.

Tar Ukoh

Sources say that he has been busy knocking on every door that matters that the occupant can help him in convincing the C-in-C to give a second chance.
But we gathered that every door he opens, the first thing that greets him is the petition by his staff. Ukoh is said to be busy explaining what he did instead of lining up his achievements and why he deserves a second term.
A staff who was bold enough to speak to us in Abuja but declined to be identified merely said ” though, I do not want to talk about him, all I know is that he has ran the national troupe aground. Now, he is running from pillar to post. His sin’s are catching up with him. It is pay back time.”
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