Slaughtering of rice farmers: It’s 110 not 43 – UN


Contrary to earlier reports,The United Nations has put the number of those slaughtered by Boko Haram Terrorists in Koshobe and other rural communities in Jere Local Government Area of Borno State on Saturday at over 110.

The United Nations released the figure in a statement by its Humanitarian Coordinator in Nigeria, Edward Kallon, on Sunday.

Kallon, who described the killing as gruesome, said: “Armed men on motorcycles led a brutal attack on civilian men and women who were harvesting their fields.

“At least 110 civilians were ruthlessly killed and many others were wounded in this attack.

“The incident is the most violent direct attack against innocent civilians this year.

“I call for the perpetrators of this heinous and senseless act to be brought to justice.”

According to available information, the attackers first took the farmers hostage, tied them up, then slit their throats.

The initial death toll was put at 43, with some of the farmers sustaining gunshot wounds and others kidnapped.

However, information made available by the UN was that the terrorists went into adjoining villages, where they also slaughtered over 70 others.

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