Charly Boy: You’re source of my lesbianism- Daughter blasts father



Dewy Oputa, Charly Boy’s last daughter, has lashed out at the controversial singer, saying he is a hypocrite for saying he accepted her when she disclosed she was gay when the truth is that he threw her out of his house and does not even pick her calls till date.

It will be recalled that Charly Boy, 70, popularly referred to as Area father,threw the gauntlet Friday when he accused his daughter of lesbianism.
He had narrated on his Instagram page that it took him six months to accept his daughter’s sexual preference she told him she was a lesbian in 2016, adding that he had fears of how society would perceive the family.

Said he, “Many things went through my mind, one of them included self-blame (‘Did I do something wrong?’) (‘The child I thought I knew and loved no longer exists.’), worry (Will my child be discriminated against?).”

“Religious confusion (‘Is my child damned to spend eternity in hell?’), and stigma (‘What will people think of my child? Of me?’). I now look back and find that I’m grateful for the experience of having a gay or lesbian child.”

But in a swift reaction, Dewy, who is based in the United States of America, took to her Twitter page to accuse the singer of using her sexuality to “chase clout and attention from strangers”.

She said he kicked her out from home in 2017 until her friend came to her rescue when she had “no food and shelter.”

“Gaslighting at its finest. It’s quite unfortunate that my life is nothing but content. I just can’t wrap my head around the hypocrisy. All this for a drop of clout, attention and praise from strangers just to feed your ego,” she tweeted in a thread.

”Honestly I was going to just free this situation because I’m used to this toxicity and mentally I’m tired but after seeing this i can’t stomach this pretentious behaviour anymore because on a normal level this man no dey even pick my call.

“2017 I got kicked out of the house and was damn near homeless and if not for my friend I wouldn’t have even had food or Shelter!

“Fortunately for me, I had a return ticket to come back to Atlanta, I moved back here with zero dollars not even knowing where I was going to live or where my next meal was going to come from! I was literally living couch to couch and lord knows how tirelessly I worked so I could have my own stability!

“You didn’t even know if your daughter was dead or alive anything could have happened to me.

“But on social media, you are the father of the year. You have literally put Instant gratification from strangers before your own blood.”

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