Melaye’s madness: Dele Momodu nobody hates you


….Just behave responsibly

Last Saturday in his Pendulum column, Dele Momodu hit back at critics who lambasted him over ignoble trip he made to Dino Melaye’s mansion to showcase prized possessions of the hedonist.

I had earlier condemned the act in a viral piece I authored. See (

In the trite, Momodu strove in vain to justify the trip as a great journalistic expedition the claim that had since been punctured by respected journalism icon, Steve Osuji.

Momodu displayed crass ignorance of what journalism entails by reducing the noble profession to a laissez- fiare trade opens to anyone who has a mastery of language.

It is unfortunate if Momodu assumes that those criticizing his showbiz and PR stunts masqueraded as journalism are envious of him. Not true, they voiced in the public interest and for the preservation of journalism ethos.

Momodu said it was not his business how people made their wealth and won’t ask them to explain. So, if detained Hushpuppi had flown Dele to Dubai to cover his crazy lifestyle, Momodu won’t ask him how he made stupendous wealth as his age without inheritance or visible business?

Momodu shameful glorification of rogues is undermining the social and moral fabrics of the Nigerian society.

No well trained and ethical journalist will adopt the argument of Fuji icon, Wasiu Ayinde when he was accused that most of his key patrons are men of questionable means. K1 had retorted that as a musician he can’t vet or not praise anyone who spends money for him on stage.

But a journalist is ethically bound to act within the confines of the ethics of journalism profession.

Nobody begrudged him when he showcased the expensive lifestyle of Chief Olu Oke-owo, the renowned real estate Mogul and others whose stories can truly inspire readers and young folks to reach for the sky.

But by promoting wealth without labour like that of Dino Melaye is a great disservice to humanity, it further reinforces wealth without stress syndrome prevalent among Nigerians youths(Yahoo Yahoo and allied crimes).

It is disheartening today that even students in secondary schools in Nigeria are enrolling enmasse in internet fraud. It is largely so because the society has been validating ill-gotten wealth.

Bob Dee needs to reflect over his ways. He should gauge the mood of the society and always think deeply before he acts!

*Dabiri Olorunfemi, a Public Affairs Analyst writes from Lagos via [email protected]*

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