Nigerian singer invents messaging App


Nigerians have continued showing the stuff they are made of, as another national has just unveiled another invention that would definitely add more verve to the competititive world of digital communication.

With the entry of a new chat platform into the world of modern day communication, the era of digital exchange of information, has again been presented with another option to choose from.

The new application known as CEEApp, is developed by Chidi Ezenwa, a versatile young man from Ogboji, in Orumba South Local Government Area of Anambra State, who currently resides in London, the United Kingdom.

Ezenwa, who is also a gospel artist, singer and entertainer  with the stage name CEE CAUTION, told that the development of the application has been in the works for several years now along his music career and has gulped a lot in terms of resources and personal inputs.

“It has taken everything I have. But it is finally here. I had to go for special training and brought in a lot of expertise to bear in developing this, just to make an improvement on what we have already You know you may not reinvent the wheel, but you can continue to add to its functionality.

“There are so many improvements that you have in CEEApp, which will make the difference. We had to listen to the complaints people had about similar platforms and tried to answer the questions and provide the answer. That is what you find here.

Part of the improvements is to ensure that users could at any time delete all their chats, unlike in WhatsApp, where such could not be done after some minutes, while the video calls have less interference and disruptions.

“How does it work? It’s a messaging app like WhatsApp but it has wonderful features WhatsApp does not have. What are these features? Better video and audio calling system. Encryption with backup code,” he said.

“There are also the Reset sessions, Disappearing messages, Registration pin code, block screenshots, incognito keyboard, Block videos and Audio Downloads when using phone data. You could also link several devices together. There is Chat colourizationInstant suggested message reply, Screen lock inactivity timeout among others. I had been working on this project for long now but glory be to God it is a reality today,” he said adding that the application has now been launched on the Playstore, where he urged potential users to download it from and share.

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