Onitiri to Sanwo-Olu: Don’t take loan from China



A prominent Lagosian and stakeholder, Chief Adesunbo  Onitiri has advised Governor Babajide SanwoOlu of Lagos State to be wary of the Chinese.

In a statement in Lagos yesterday, Chief Onitiri specifically cautioned Governor Sanwo-Olu not to take any loan from China, describing it as a booby-trap into economic slavery.

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“There is no free lunch anywhere in the world.  The soft loans brandishing by the Chinese may be a trap to drag the state into everlasting slavery”, he further advised.

Chief Onitiri, political activist and social activist, further warned: “Please, beware of soft loans written in fine prints and chinese languages.  There may be hidden dastardly  state clauses to buy out the state.

“The Chinese don’t love Africans, they only love our natural God-given resources  which they are desperately after.

“They want to buy out our ports and land. This is why they are presently buying every available land,” he alleged.

Chief  Onitiri implored the Lagos state Assembly to re-enact a law forbidding  foreigners from owning land and properties in Lagos state.

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The roads the chinese are building now in Lagos state for whopping sums may not last a year.

“There should be a clause in the contracts to ensure high quality works. Every contracts in fine prints and chinese language should be reviewed.

We are just coming out of the bondage of colonial slavery. Don’t let us enter into chinese slavery with our eyes wide open.

“This will surely be a disaster and grave calamity. Their slavery will be worse than the British. The Chinese are out to enslave Africans.  QED.”

Onitiri also urged the state government to look into every company set up by chinese that they strictly observe our labour laws.

“The government should also revoke all mining licenses of the chinese. Review all permissions given to the chinese to set up companies in Nigeria to ensure they keep our laws, Chief Onitiri added.

According to Onitiri, the state government should also review  all permissions given to the Chinese to ensure they keep our laws and that Nigerians have greater interest in such outfits . Above all they should keep our laws, Onitiri added.


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