COVID-19: Obasanjo, 11 others appeal to African head of states to confront pandemic

….Ask WHO, UN others to draw plan to save Africa
Former Nigeria’s president,Olusegun Obasanjo,has along with 11 other African former heads of state has appealed for a concerted action by backed by seriousness of preparation as done in western nations to combat the Coronavirus pandemic.
In a statement he co signed with other former African heads of state,he said that epidemiological progression in already afflicted areas has indicated that the worst is yet to occur in Africa.
He said that taking into account the weak health care bases in Africa, “the conurbation and the communal living of our people particularly in ghettos and poverty stricken areas of our cities,the outbreak of COVID-19 in these areas of African communities and cities will be a monumental disaster”.
As a result ,he said serious measures have to be taken for containment and for addressing any national epidemic.
He said as concerned leaders, he and others called on the African Union,(AU)United Nations(UN), World health organisation(WHO) and World Bank to urgently devise a plan that will moderate the social and economic effect of the onslaught of COVID-19 on Africa.
Full text of the statement reads:

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