When Nigeria had leaders


It was in the year 1963 and Nigeria’s first and only Prime Minister, Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa took his annual leave & Was off to his village to spend it.

Then a British photo journalist came along but they told him the that the PM had gone on vacation. The photo journalist then asked to which country but he was shocked when they told him the PM went to spend the vacation
in his own village. To satisfy his curiosity, he decided to travel to the village. But on getting to the village, there was no sign that a big man was in town.

Everyone went on their normal business & the village was peacefully quiet.Then he met a farmer along the way with his donkey carrying bales of sugarcane, & he asked from the farmer the house of the PM. The photo journalist was again left speechless when the farmer told him that he had just left the PM and that if he gets to the PM’s house, which he described, he would meet him sitting on the bare floor with his kids enjoying the sugarcane that he gave them.

The British photo journalist was dazed when he reached the PM’s home. This is the picture that he took. May the labours of our heroes past never be in vain.

Today, we have vagabonds and thieves in power. Those who disturb an entire city with sirens and their empty noises of vanity. Those who loot the treasury of an entire nation and still insult our common intelligence with their embarrassing incompetence. Nigeria has all it takes to become the greatest nation on earth. All we need are visionary, dedicated & inspiring leaders & not the shameless rogues and incorrigibly kleptomaniac bandits who lie, rob, cheat, rig and kill their way to power.

Culled from the wall of Ayotemi

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