Kogi 2019: Be magnanimous in victory, Wada tells Bello, concedes defeat


The Governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Kogi state,Engineer Musa Wada has conceded defeat even as the final result of yesterdays election is yet to be announced.
In a message titled-Its time to move On, he said that since its incumbent for every general to know when its time to move on,and call off the battle,he has decided to call it off and prepare for the battle adding ” its time to move on,to call off the
battle and prepare for the next war. ”
Above all, he said that he has given his best and it did not yield the expected results adding,”Perhaps, God, who rules in the affairs of men decided otherwise.”

He stated further that ever since he decided to run for the governorship seat of Kogi State, the entire exercise has been trailed by controversies adding,”My character has been maligned and I have been blackmailed and betrayed by many, including some people very close to me. In some other instances I was humiliated. But I did not despair or faint. I took it all in my strides, believing that it is the nature of politics in this part of the world.”

He said that in his effort to prove the genuineness of his ambition he appealed to men and women of goodwill,spoke on the need for everyone, not only members of my political party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to give me a chance.”
Engineer Wada observed that,” there is no doubt that we had a good team and one of the best campaigns, spreading to every part of the state.”

He however declared that reports from the field in yesterday’s election has left him very sad as it turned out that he has become the sole reason for a bitter ethnic war such that “fathers turned against their children, brothers against sisters and cousins against uncles.”

Said he,”this is not to say that there were no genuine voters in yesterday’s election. Many of our supporters turned out in droves, eager to effect the change we promised and represent. May God bless and reward them all for the tremendous sacrifice and unprecedented commitment to our cause.”

“In spite of the large turn out of willing voters who wanted to effect the change we promised, we cannot afford to close our eyes to the reality that stares us in the face. The bitter truth, from reports from the field indicates that our goal may have been abridged midstream. And even though close confidants and acquaintances believe that it is still early to give up, I am old and experienced enough to know when I have been overpowered by a strongman.”

He observed that the election may have been fought in a way typified of bitter rivalry by the two of them who ran a bitter campaign,” I was particularly hopeful that the election would go my way. But I’m not naive as not to know when I’m losing as well as when I have been defeated. Now that the ovation is still loud and the euphoria of the election is still high is the best time to drop the towel.”

“Having considered all options available to me and irrespective of what actions elders and our party may take in the immediate future, I have come to a conclusion that Governor Yahaya Bello is the winner of yesterday’s election, no matter how contrived. As in all contest, a winner has emerged, even the outcome may not be pleasing to us.”
Speaking further,the PDP candidate declared , “I hereby congratulate my brother and friend, Governor Yahaya Bello, of the ruling All Progressive Congress(APC) and wish him a fruitful second term in office .
He however expressed the hope and pray that ,”some of wrongs and issues which came up during the campaigns would be effectively tackled this time around.”

The defeated candidate also urged Governor Bello to be be magnanimous in victory and ” should take steps to heal the wounds and take steps to reconcile the state across party lines adding, ” Kogi belongs to us all and he must allow all, irrespective of ethnic, religious or other social diversities to coexist in harmony, tolerance and mutual exchange of ideas,so that the state can walk for all “.

He also thank all leaders and members of the PDP, supporters and other well wishers, for believing in our project and standing till the end and pray that God shall not abandon them at the point of need.
Wada assured the party and supporters that he remain eternally grateful for what it has done for him.

“Above all, let no one consider my stand as an act of cowardice. The late philosopher and music maestro, Bob Marley rightly stated that: “Its he who fights and runs away that lives to fight another day”. Former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan further counseled that no election is worth the life another human being. For me, this chapter is closed. Tomorrow comes with the morning. There are many victories ahead.” he concluded.

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