Exclusive interview: No need for remix of Mr. Lecturer song-Abdulkarim



Despite the  popularity (trending) on social media, especially twitter, by Mr. Lecturer, a fictional song released 17 years ago on Kennies Music Label, the musician behind the song, Eedris Abdulkarim, has said that he was not interested in remixing it or embarking on its promotion to take advantage of the BBC documentary on University of Lagos Sex for grade scandal..

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Responding to questionnaire sent to him by Newdawnngr on the subject, Abdulkarim said that what was imperative now, is for radio on air personalities (OAP) mobile disco jockeys, record sales shop owners, to be to “bang” the song to firther sustain the awareness of the rot in our ivory towers.
Though, he confessed that he had no particular lecturer or university in mind when he recorded the song but said that he did it then based on stories he had from his female undergraduate fans.
Below is his unedited response to the questions.
” Doing a remix of “Mr. Lecturer” is not imperative now. The most important thing is for Disc Jockeys, Video Jockeys and OAP’s to continue banging the song so as to keep the awareness up there in the front burner!
The song Mr. Lecturer speaks for itself
“Yes of course!  Mr. Lecturer was specifically released to address this endemic problem, which has thrown our educational institutions into ridicule. I had to do the song so as to help in arresting this ugly situation as well as putting a stop to the array of unemployable graduates these cruel set of randy lecturers are churning out for us. It is a big shame where we find ourselves today. If the government and relevant agencies have taken up the gauntlet when I blew the whistle, we wouldn’t be where we are today. So sad,” EAbudulkarim who came to national musical limelight in his days with Tony Montana and tony tetuila continued ” I will not say that I have been vindicated by the BBC report if that’s what you want to hear. No, this has always been a present danger that should have beeen tackled.
“So, I feel ashamed that as a nation, we are still unable to do the needful while our sisters, daughters, aunties, nieces and even mothers are being subjected to this unholy alliances of “back for ground, good results for paper!
It’s a big shame,

” The album was a very successful album in terms of commercial sales. But, my major take is that it became very popular in our schools and was very instrumental in curbing the acts at that time, but due to the fact that the government didn’t take up the fight, the diehard perpetrators are back to their carnal trenches.

Another beautiful takeaway for me is the fact that I have received a lot of calls from female fans who tell me that the song “Mr. Lecturer” gave them the impetus to rebuff the advances and threats from randy lecturers as they took the stand of the heroine of the song named Bimbo Owoyemi”


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