43 years after Celestine Ukwu’s : Emma Ikediashi, his guitarist recounts how he died






Since his death in 1976 via an auto crash, the mystery behind the personality and character of one of Nigeria’s most popular highlife music singers and song writers , Celestine Ukwu, has remained untold.

Fred Iwenjora had an encounter with his guitarist ,Emma Ikediashi, leader of popular Black Tops highlife music band which puts paid to all that.

Ikediashi discloses that Ukwu neither smoked cigarette nor weed nor drank alcohol.

He also spoke on the final days of the extremely talented artiste and more.

How and when did you meet Celestine Ukwu?

I met Celestine Ukwu in Onitsha about 1973 or there about. I had come to join the live music scene in the Niger City straight from my village of Ogwashi Ukwu. I had just dropped out of St Michael’s secondary school after my father’s death. I had started picking up the guitar. I was reading up about bands and their history. When I moved to Onitsha, I was about 23 years and joined Sunny Nwamama and his highlife music group. I started picking up rudiments of highlife guitar, play really fast that in about two months, Celestine Ukwu sent for me. He said he had been hearing about me and later watched me play.

When I joined him, he made me live with him and we would engage in daily private rehearsals in his apartment after breakfast. We lived on one of the flats at the expansive Agbakoba family compound in Onitsha. I was the youngest and smallest member of his band which was made up of many Cameroonians and Congolese. He must have felt that he could make the best out of me by keeping me closer. I also made the most of that period. I was part of his tracks Omeife Jideofo and Imago nke chi ga ekwu etc. We regularly played at Phoenix Hotel, Onitsha.

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Before then…..

I can say that playing the guitar and indeed talents for music is hereditary for me. My father had brought home a guitar from his times during World War 11. He said he learnt to play in India during that war. But he warned me never to get close to the guitar not to talk of touching it but I would steal it and play away without his knowledge. That was how I learnt to play the guitar.

Where were you when Celestine died?

Celestine Ukwu had left home in company of a friend of his named Nwobodo who just bought a new car. I suppose it was a social outing. They were hit by a trailer somewhere around Ogidi and they both died on the spot. It was a sad day for all. He had already processed travel papers to travel abroad for a big show. I was already hoping that I would make the trip with him but he died. He must have been aged between 34 and 36 years I guess as he started music early. Again he had done a traditional wedding but never lived fully with his new wife before his death. I am happy to note that his daughter born after his death is now a lawyer.

You also played with Osita Osadebe?

I first spent a year with Celestine and later joined Osadebe who was then playing at Central Hotel Onitsha in 1974. I returned to Celestine Ukwu again sooner than I expected later that same year. I remained with Celestine Ukwu until his death in 1976.

Could you compare the two musicians as their close associate?

They were both in a class of their own. Osadebe was older than Celestine. Leave everything philosophical to Celestine (his band was the Philosophers National) while Osadebe may be melancholic and hedonistic and may sing about anything that came to his mind. Osadebe could easily create a scene anywhere but never Celestine who was a gentleman to the core and avoided anything that could attract attention to himself. Note that he never smoked or drank alcohol. But wome…
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Already, the Governor has appointed Mr Lekan Olude, a co-founder of Jobberman, a leading human resources management firms in the continent as his Special Adviser on Job Creation and Youth Empowerment to coordinate activities and policies on Job creation and facilitate linkage with employers and multilateral development agencies.

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The Governor said his Government plans certain enablers as corollary to his mission to build our future together through “qualitative governance, education, healthcare, infrastructural development, digitization and agriculture “.

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By Fred Iwenjora


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