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See what Omosefe-Ajayi is doing at LITfC

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By Charles Okogene

In her maiden meeting with stakeholders at the Lagos International Trade Fair Complex (LIFTC), she  told her listeners who had just survived years of a brutal concession that she has come to work. That in no time their pothole riddled access roads will be as smooth as a day old baby’s head. That all she ask of them is their cooperation.

As usual some believed her while some others saw her as another politician that has come to bamboozle them with sweet sounding promise.  Like an Ekwueme, she got down to work.
First she recovered all the green areas in the complex from the ubiquitous street traders, cleared the over grown lawns and fenced it with American security wire..
Before one could say ha, she proceed to the rehabilitation of the complex access roads which have never seen any repair or maintenance since the complex was built by the military regime of General  Olusegun Obasanjo.
Next she proceeded to the rehabilitation of the complex admin block to make it beautiful for the eyes. All the broken windows, door, fallen ceiling were fixed. The entire building was repaired and repainted.

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In an online interview as to the source of fund she is using to turn the place around, Chief ( Mrs) Ajayi said, ‘its the capital budget that was released. I have N397m in the last release and N126m in the second release and for 2018. It’s a 5.2 km road. 266m was approved by the ministerial tenders board for the first phase of the road which is less than the cost of 2km road. So far we have achieved approximately 2km road. It’s an ongoing project.’
Today, newdawn brings the pictures of the ongoing work at LITFC under the leadership of Chief Lucy Omosefe-Ajayi.

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