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I regret that June 12 election was annulled-Alhaji Kingibe

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The running mate to the late winner of the June 12 1993 presidential election Alhaji Babagana kingibe has expressed regret over the annulment of the election.
Speaking on an interview programme with Cyril Stober on NTA…One on One ,Alhaji Kingibe said the annulment of the election ribbed the country of purposeful govern meant that would have been provided by the joint ticket.
He declared that many Nigerians do not know Chief Abiola well enough as somebody who is very passionate snout uplifting Nigerians out if poverty.

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He attributed Chief Abiolas passion to his background an experience he said informed his manifestos which the annulment did not allow Nigerians to experience good governance. He however promised to publish his experience during by he struggle yo deannul the election.
Speaking on the declaration of June 12as democracy day as different from May 29,Alhaji Kingibe,said there was nothing unique about may 29 rather than a date for change of power adding that the real struggle was ignited by the June 12 struggle.
Said he,”there was nothing unique about may is not the first time we are having democracy transfer from a military government.
The kind of democratic process of June 12 1993 was not present in may 29.
June 12 was a process when the civilian put pressures on the military to go.
It makes June 12 more really relevant to democracy that May 29.”.

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