Fulani Muslim man confesses Jesus recounts strange encounters


Bello whose image is not shown but whose recorded message is being circulated on YouTube and WhatsApp and other social media platforms claimed a floodlight appeared in the mosque while he was leading prayers adding that as the light appeared a voice spoke to him to leave the Islamic faith and come accept the Lordship of Jesus.


His immediate reaction according to him was to reject the voice and argue endlessly with the demands of the unknown person that was speaking to him. Bello who said he had been taught from childhood to reject the Christian faith because he believed Christians corrupted the message of God said that encounter and series of other encounters led him to surrender to Jesus eventually.

He words, “I saw a light from nowhere which filled the whole place. But the light did not cause heat. I felt cold. Then a voice spoke to me in Arabic and asked me to come out of them. He asked me to come out of the Islamic religion and asked me to come to the right path. I challenged the person and told him that the only thing accepted by Allah is Islam. But He said He is the way and the truth and the life and he says he wants to save me so I could be used to save my Muslim brothers.”

Fulani man embraces Jesus

The encounter led him to ask series of questions from Jesus. In the course of the conversation he said he told Jesus about his good works. “I told him I was righteous and I belonged to the Sunni sect of Islam which claimed to be the most righteous of all the sects of Islam. I told him I never fornicate and that I spend N15k from my salary every month to support the widows. I challenged him to make himself known because the Jesus I know in the quaran did miracles. I also challenged him to tell me what has been in my heart and the kinds of prayers I pray if he was the real Jesus.”


Bello who described himself in the audio message as a chartered accountant said he was amazed when Jesus told him all that he had been habouring in his heart in the last 10 years. “This Jesus told me what I had been having in my heart. I had my doubt. But the voice said I would not see the kingdom until I was born again. I told him about all my religious commitments. But he said to me that I was only zealous without knowledge and that if I do not believe in the finished work of Jesus I would not inherit God’s kingdom.”


Expectedly, his family members took him for being insane. But the voice later spoke to him to go to a nearby church to meet a pastor who will lead him to Christ. He did.  He recalls, “I heard people speaking some strange language when I got to the church and Jesus asked me to go there and tell them that I want to be born again. God said many Christians are not getting things from God because they are too familiar with God. I went to the church and met a brother called Godstime. He was so excited. He asked me to wait for the pastor. I heard the pastor talking some strange language. He said Jesus had saved me. The servant of God did not know me but he said Jesus had forgiven me. I was confused. He prayed for me and said Jesus would fill me with his spirit. But Jesus told me the prayer of his servant never falls on the ground.”


By the time he got home, he became reluctant to continue in the Islamic way. The holy spirit filled him and he began to speak in tongues. The presence of God was so real to him. His father whom he described as the head of the Sunni Moslems in the whole of West Africa became suspicious of his moves and felt he needed some medical attention. A doctor known to the family was called. Rather than attend to him, the doctor who had been preaching to the father became excited seeing that his son had accepted Jesus.

In annoyance Bello was placed under house arrest. But he miraculously found his way out of the house after another strange encounter with Jesus. This time Jesus instructed him to go and see one Habib Yoghurt around the Agege area of Lagos. “The Lord said I should chatter a taxi and go to capitol road in Agege, Lagos and meet one man called Habib Yoghurt that he is a very popular person. He said people have been sharing the gospel with him but he said he would not surrender his life until Jesus could heal him of his sickness. I obeyed the Lord and took a taxi to the place and met his wife.


“By the time I narrated my mission she was surprised. I did not meet the man. I asked to speak with him on phone. I led both him and his wife to Christ. The man came to meet us later. Miraculously he felt better after I prayed for him and he offered to give me money and was ready to accommodate me and take care of me. But the Lord said to me that I should not collect the money and that I should not leave my contact with them either. He said to me that my assignment with him was done.”


While noting that he has since experienced an inexplicable peace since he surrendered to Jesus he declared that he was not out to attack Islam or anybody but that he has a mission to preach the Jesus who made himself real to him.


Kindly follow this link to listen to the comprehensive testimony:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uttd_TdTcN0


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