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‘Beggars in uniform’


Every Nigerian in uniform at the Murtala Muhammad International Airport or Abuja airport, is a bold and shameless beggar. This should not be so: a disgrace to our nation and threats to our homeland security. These men and women in uniforms are supposed to protect our homeland security through the airports, but half of their interactions with travelers
na to beg for “anything”…: ” oga what do you have for us. Oga welcome sir, give us anything nah..” From the Drug Enforcement officers,( NDLEA), Immigration and airline ticketing staffers to a few standby military at the airport. These corrupt workers are bold pan handlers, using the opportunity their jobs privileged them to harass every Nigerian traveler for “Bribe” while ransacking luggage or attending to arrivals and or departures need. I am sick of it. I clash with these airport clowns whenever I am arriving or departing Nigeria. I would hope a few frequent travelers continue to resist these corrupt Nigerians in privileged uniform: they are pathetic and a disgrace to our nation as the front liners and gate keepers of our nation. They occupy a strategic place in our nation: they are the first interactions with visitors, so to shamelessly and brazenly demand for bribes while exercising their jobs’ descriptions is a disservice to our country and to the law enforcement they represent.

Shame on the beggars.

By Azuka Jebose

Our Reporter

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