Kanu Heart Foundation plans own hospital


Former Captain of the Super Eagles of Nigeria, Kanu Nwankwo has said his project; the Kanu Heart Foundation is planning to establish its own hospital in Nigeria in order to save cost and help more Nigerian children to access heart surgeries.  

The philanthropist footballer revealed to New Dawn in Lagos when he entertained questions ahead of an event by a real estate company, Perfection Real Estate Group.

“Our future plan is just to make sure that Kanu Heart Foundation will have a hospital in the future. We have spent a lot of money taking the kids outside the country and if we can do that, we can achieve it. It is a dream and we are working towards it. It has not been easy but I believe some day we would have our own hospital,” he prays.

Perfection Real Estate Group had announced Nwankwo as its brand ambassador to help motivate the public to buy into the estate business.

The ex-international said the Group is a known company Nigerians can trust.

“Perfection Real Estate Group is a known company that is into property and it is a company you can trust. This is a company that wants to help Nigerians in the areas of housing, giving them befitting homes to settle in,” he said.

The former Ajax Amsterdam player added that, “As a growing company, the group at the same time is out to help the masses to see that properties are affordable and they are trustworthy people to patronise.”

Talking about the relationship between the Perfection Real Estate Group and his Kanu Heart Foundation, founder of the Kanu Heart Foundation, Kanu Nwankwo said, there is a synergy between Perfection and Kanu Heart Foundation in the sense that certain percentage of earnings of Perfection Real Estate Group would go to support the Kanu Heart Foundation.

“Whatever they make from this venture, they are going to give an amount to help the poor who cannot get medical sponsors. So the Kanu Heart Foundation and Perfection Real Estate Group are working together not only to help the less privileged in areas of property but also in the area of health.”

Knowing that Nigerians would subscribe to the property business, the footballer however assures Nigerians that the venture is a genuine one. “The people will subscribe to the property because of my name but if you cannot deliver something that is good, there is problem. From the name Perfection, they are perfect in what they are doing,” he assures the public.

He however laments that Nigeria has not fully maximized football which he referred to as a unifying tool for the country. “Football is very important and it is a major tool that we Nigerians are neglecting, it is one thing that brings us together, and the journey has not been easy.

“So going by the background I come from, I am just a good example for the young people that working hard, sacrificing and putting in everything that you can put in will get you result not only in football but in everything,” he said.

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