Lagos PPRO planning pit police against Nigerian Rastas – RCC


The Rastafari Continental Council, RCC Nigeria Ital Yard said its has been drawn to a most divisive, uncharacteristic and utterly ignoble statement credited to the Lagos State Police Command Public Relations Officer Bala Elkana, denouncing and criminalizing dreadlocks and all dreadlocks wearing brothers and sisters by associating the crowns of our heads with cultism, as well as Calling it alien to our culture.

In a statement signed by its Chairman, Myke Pam, RCC said “such an ambiguous statement of blanket condemnation of what Rastafari the world over hold in esteemed reverence smacks of an outright slight and slap on the Rasta family and is also undoubtedly akin to sowing seeds of discord between law enforcement agents and the Nigerian Rastafari Community!

“The regrettable statement which Mr. Elkana made in an interview he granted the pidgin English service of the BBC a fortnight ago is to say the least callous, libellous and highly offensive to all true Rastafari children who are generally known as peace loving, accommodating, truthful, fearless and crime shy!

“It is a known and verifiable fact that Rastafari has no business with cultism, diabolical assemblages, outfits or groups of any shade, colour or hue!

“Rastafari does not dabble into crimes and fraud of whatever name called, and of course, Rastafari rarely Pierces nor mutilates our bodies which we consider as the Temple of the Most High Jah; and most instructively we are note worthily non violent and law abiding!

“Furthermore, the constitution and all extant laws of the federal Republic of Nigeria guarantees freedom of association and worship to all citizens irrespective of what people like Mr. Bala Elkana and his ilks thinks or feels.

“It’s also noteworthy to state at this juncture that RCC Nigeria is ready to protect, project and propagate the rights of all Rastafari children in Nigeria in accordance with the UN and AU charter on human rights, as well as defending our rights to be who we are as guaranteed by the laws guiding our federation!

“We therefore call on the Inspector General of Police and the Lagos state Police Commissioner to call Mr. Elkana to order as well as asking him to retract this most misleading and annoying statement in order to avoid unnecessary skirmishes between the Police Authorities and the Nigerian Rastafari Community which this unguided utterance may engender!

“A stitch in time saves nine.”

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