Olugbo of Ugbo faults Ooni of Ife’s claim that Igbos are related to Yorubas





The disagreement over the history of
Yoruba among Obas deepened during
the week, as the Olugbo of Ugbo , Oba
Fredrick Akinruntan took a swipe at a
comment by the Ooni of Ife , Oba Enitan
Ogunwusi that Igbo people started
commerce in Yoruba land.
Olugbo , who described Ooni ’s comment
as not only a distortion of historical
facts, said the monarch ’ s comment
might also cause inter- ethnic crisis in
the country .
He urged other Yoruba Obas to call Ooni
to order and stop him from relegating
the Yoruba race in his “ futile efforts at
re – writing history .”
At an interview during the celebration
of Aje (Commerce) Festival in Ile Ife , the
Ooni ascribed the origin of wealth and
prosperity of Yoruba people to the
ingenuity of Igbo people of the
According to Oba Ogunwusi in a video
recording that has been trending in the
social media , “ Aje Festival means
festival of wealth and prosperity ,
everything in this world that we stand
for, everybody is looking for in one way
or the other , is improvement in their
social cultural status .
“ But to God ’s glory, a particular race
discovered commerce first. And truth be
told , the race that discovered it first and
really nurtured it is the Igbo. The Igbos ,
through their ancestral background –
the lineage of Obatala – first discovered
prosperity and wealth in terms of the
divinity world. And that is why, today ,
the Igbo race is very peculiar and has
very good expertise when it comes to
commerce. Igbos are very distinct all
over the world. There is no place in the
world you won ’ t find an Igbo man. ”
But Oba Akinruntan, who said he has
been inundated with calls for
clarification , said Ooni erred because
there was no historical link between
Yoruba and Igbos , and that the monarch
deliberately substituted Ugbo for Igbo to
cover the truth that Ugbo are the
aborigines of Ile- Ife .
He said : “ the fact remains that the
present day Ile- Ife was called
Ugbomokun, while the ancient market
was called Oja – Ugbo or Ugbomokun
Akira . The ancient markets are Oja
Ayegbaju , founded by Oranfe and Oja
Ife, founded by Osangangan Obamakin .
“ It is important to note that Aje deity
was instituted by Oranfe and
Osangangan Obamakin and up till
today , the descendants of Osangangan
Obamakin , the Olugbo kith and kin are
the custodian of the Aje deity and not
the Igbos or Ibos of the South Eastern
“ According to Igbo historians and
scholars, they are Jews who migrated to
the Southeastern Nigerian. There is no
link that identifies the Igbo people as
founders of Aje deity , talk less of being
the founder of Ugbomokun …
“ To claim that Igbos are the founders of
Aje deity is a slap on all sons and
daughters of Yorubaland and a direct
assault on our forefathers . ”
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By Muyiwa Adeyemi (Head South West

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