You are trapped in the same cage as a king cobra. What should you do? (Video)


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Just chill until someone opens the cage or the snake slithers out.

Seriously. King cobras are super passive and very intelligent in comparison to other snakes. You could sit in front of one for hours and it wouldn’t try to kill you. Why would it bother risking its life trying to bite you when you’re making an effort avoiding it?

Human are too big to eat. Humans have strong arms to break its neck and strong legs to snap its spine. Doesn’t matter if it has a nasty venom, you are just as dangerous to it as it to you. So why would it bother?

Not convinced? Watch this.

Skip to 2:48 and watch how the king cobra has no interest whatsoever in the snake catcher. People are dangerous and the snake knows that. All the snake wants to do is get away.

Fortunately as stated, unless threatened, snakes just want to escape or hide. venomous or non venomous. the same. bees and other hymenopterans kill more people in usa than snakes! hornets and bees, ants can kill.

I’d sit very still and hope the cobra slithered out through the bars of the cage. I know next to nothing about cobras but I’m bigger than what they regard as food so I hope it would ignore me if I didn’t threaten it.

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