Re-election: Uduahagan, Ogboru, Ochei were no threat to Okowa – Adigwe


Hon. Pascal Adigwe who once represented Aniocha/Oshimili Federal Constituency of Delta State at the House of Representatives was one of those that championed the re-election of Governor Sen. (Dr.) Ifeanyi Okowa. It was only natural that after the success of Okowa at the polls, Newdawn, went in search of Adigiwe to share with us how job was done. And the Ogwashi Uku born politician did not waste time in attributing the success to God and the likeable character of the governor himself.

By Charles Okogene

Congratulations on your party/Okowa victory at the polls. It was a job well-done?

Thank you. Glory be to God almighty who assembled us, the team and gave us, such a visionary leader and the privilege to be among those counted in this victory.

What does this victory potend to him?

It’s a confirmation and reflection of the aspirations of our people of Delta State in general and Delta North in particular, showing their satisfaction for what the Governor has done and how he has managed the affairs of the state in a manner that has enthroned peace and prosperity in a fair and equitable manner.

Though, he had said it severally in the past that he is not an Anioma ethnic nationality governor, but we cannot remove the fact that he hails from there, and so how will his victory rob off on Delta North?

It goes to reaffirm that Anioma people are of an excellent breed, fair and broad minded, and just. He has not disappointed in this image that we cut.

To people like you that worked days and nights for this victory how does it make you people feel?

He made us proud. An astute politician, a disciplined leader, a dependable ally and a courageous worker with the highest industry and advocate of goodness and godliness.
Who would have such a leader and not be happy to put in everything to see him succeed?

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What do you think was responsible for the sweeping victory in spite of the calibre of people in the opposition against him?

A lot. For example, he is a star, who has played himself into the hearts of all even beyond Delta State. He cuts out as a good man who deserves all the love and support. He epitomizes goodness and brotherliness, a hard worker and fairness. You can’t but love him with his yes is yes and no is no candor.

So Equity played out…it’s undeniably the turn of Delta North to do a second term.
He led us and supported the other zones when it was their time so, this time, he commanded their unalloyed support which is natural.

It would have been an insult for Delta North to be denied of her right to second term, so all hands were on deck to check that insult.

Did you at any time get threaten by the quality of persons like Chief Great Ogburu, former Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan, former Speaker, Hon. Victor Ochei, Hon. Cairo Ojugboh, who were all in the opposition camp against him?.

Never, I know all of those and their capabilities. I have worked with them and I can assure you they didn’t and would never pose any threat to Governor Okowa, not when people like us are around. Now and in future. No, they are not at all and they know.

Did equity play any role in his reelection. If yes, how?

It did to a large extent especially in cultivating the votes from Delta South. The true and patriotic people of Delta Central keyed in too but as always some disappointed but they were not enough to tilt the balance or affect the resolve to keep the zoning, which is working well as far as Delta politics is concerned.
Most of the gladiators are in one basket of family with hierarchy so there’s a command and control mechanism, which will take a lot to dismantle.

If you were to advise the governor, what area of governance will urge him to concentrate more on this time?

Infrastructural development is the only thing that endures.
To build more roads and to make standard and standardize our schools.

As one of those who have believed in Okowa right from his sensorial election days till this moment, will you be seeking for big compensation in terms of appointment from him?

We that are hard core Okowa people don’t ask for compensation. What we ask for is for capable hands to be played in the right wing that will make the team led by him to succeed, strong legacies implanted and prosperity guaranteed, carrying everybody and the entire state along in peace and progress, which he has demonstrated so far as an expert.

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